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Monday, March 19, 2012

Physical Therapy

I have heard people say that physical therapy is quite painful. I don't know as I have never broken anything (maybe stubbing a toe but nothing can be done about that).

Is losing weight physical therapy? I guess if we thought about it, losing weight is physical therapy. Adjusting food intake and energy output can be viewed as painful.

Physical therapy is used to get back to normal movement and range of motion. It is painful because the body is pushed to new limits for the purpose of returning to normal.

I'll bet when the physical therapy is completed the patient is glad for the pain that had to be endured in order to get full use of his or her body again. Won't we say it was worth it when we get our weight off?

The only difference is after an injury we are working with a physical therapist who tells us what to do and helps the patient to perform the exercise that will return him/her to normal or very close to it. We have to be our own physical therapist when it comes to exercising and weight loss. Can we be hard enough on ourselves?

Same for a personal trainer. Would we push ourselves to the limits that a personal trainer pushes us? Probably not. It's the job of the personal trainer to push us. We will do for a personal trainer or a physical therapist more than we would ever do on our own.

I read a funny story once somewhere and it mentioned how we willingly take our clothes off  for a doctor but if our mechanic did the same thing we would be insulted. It's our perception of the other person and our trust in their skills that causes us to do as they say. I probably wouldn't trust my doctor to put a new transmission in my car either.

Maybe we just don't know what we are doing and therefore don't trust ourselves to do it right. We would gladly pay someone else to do it for us. In fact, we tried it. I wonder how much money I have wasted on gimmicks, equipment, and other things that I convinced myself would do it for me.

You just can't get good help these days.

Take care.


  1. oh
    it IS all about perception and trust and, sometimes, I think I misplace that trust :)


    1. We need to trust ourselves to do what needs to be done but many of us have failed so many times that we have trouble with that. Many of us know we can do it because we have done it before. The trust must continue into maintenance however. Take care.

  2. I very much so fall into the category of buying this and that... not so much books, but I've got a bit of equipment in my home that I used in a class that I really enjoyed, but have hardly used it since. Loving the body weight exercise... that way I know no one is trying to sell me anything.

    My trainer has been so essential.. not because she necessarily pushes me harder, but she actually PICKS ME UP. So there's no excuse not to meet up with her. I don't have to trek a couple miles across town or anything.

    1. I have read that body weight exercises are all a person needs to do because they develop the muscles in a balanced fashion whereas some would build biceps more than triceps through weight lifting creating the possibility of injury. These exercises can also be done anywhere whether at home or traveling. There are lots of people who praise their trainers for the encouragement and the challenge they provide. Take care.

  3. Replies
    1. Let's keep up that physical therapy!