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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Let's Have a Super Tuesday

***Why Super Tuesday matters to you.

In other words, it's a make or break kind-of-day. On the fate of Super Tuesday (potentially) rests the future of the nation's next president. It was last Tuesday. 
But what if I suggested that today is equally important to you?
What if today was the day that changed the rest of your life? The day that changed all the rest?
What if today was the day you've been waiting for, praying for and dreaming about for years?
What if the direction and arc of your life depended on the outcome of today's events?
What if this was the day you decided to right a wrong, settle a long-running dispute or reconcile with someone you’re currently estranged from?
What if as a husband, wife, mother or a father you decided to recommit yourself to the task at hand - not tomorrow, or someday, but today?
What if the Lord has selected you to play a pivotal role today in the life of a complete stranger?Lamentations323A.jpg
What if today was your Super Tuesday?

A super Tuesday today could be the beginning of a super week.  Why not commit to a full week of some behavior change you have been intending to work on.

What one thing can each of us perfect this week and make the week really super?


  1. I really love your Super Tuesday post, and I have taken it to heart! So much truth and so inspiring, as well! You have a great week, also, Myra! BTW: I loved your last comment on my post. I am also glad when the sun comes up and goes down--in spite of the dreaded DST!

    1. Sometimes we start majoring in the minors don't we? I figure if the worst thing that ever happens to me is DST I should be fine. Have a SUPER Tuesday and SUPER week. Take care.