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Sunday, March 11, 2012


With my job at ATM Solutions, I have a tackle box looking thing full of keys for banks and kiosks in Dayton, Cincinnati, and this area of Indiana where I live. There must be hundreds of keys in that box. When I was given that box, the keys were labeled (for the most part). I have stood at doors trying every key on some of those key rings trying to find the right one. It is very frustrating because it was late at night and sometimes cold, windy, etc.

Have you ever had that happen to you? Remember how you felt when you found the right key? The relief of that was wonderful. Those of us who are doing it right know that feeling of peacefulness because we know in time we are going to get into that wonderful room of goal weight/maintenance because we finally found the right key (we had it all the time).

Have you ever tried to get in someone else's car in the parking lot? Have you ever had trouble finding your own car? It makes us feel silly doesn't it? We had the right key but were using it in the wrong door.

That box of keys could represent all the wrong keys with only one that fit the lock I was trying to open. What if I stood at that door and kept trying the same wrong key? Isn't this what we have done trying to lose weight in the past? We go back to what we have done in the past. Of course, often the problem wasn't the diet plan was it? It was our key. It was us.


I have shut the door on yesterday,
Its sorrows and mistakes.
I have locked within its gloomy walls
Past failures and mistakes.

And now I throw the key away,
And seek another room.
And furnish it with hope and smiles,
And every spring-time bloom.

No thought shall enter this abode
That has a taint of pain.
And envy, malice, and distrust
Shall never entrance gain.

I have shut the door on yesterday
And thrown the key away.
Tomorrow holds no fear for me,
Since I have found today.
Author Unknown (from jensgyrations.blogspot.com)

What if we find the key that worked but it was the wrong room?

We have to find our own keys to get us into the room of goal weight and maintenance.  We probably only need a few keys like the one for eating sensibly for weight loss. We need another one for fitness. We need the most important one which is our mindset.

We don't need a whole box of keys that don't work (fad diets, pills, magic pills/potions, the latest exercise equipment). 

We just need to calm down, enjoy the journey and be happy along the way, and not lose our keys anymore.

Be well.


  1. We make a pretty good blog team, don't we? :-) You know what they say about great minds...

    Good post. We all know what to do, it's the doing that's the problem. I have been stuck for ages, and it's very frustrating. I'm going back to the basics, the rules that I had to follow right after my bariatric surgery. It's not that much different than what other people who are trying to lose weight have to do, except I have to make sure I get 60-80 grams of protein since I don't absorb it as well as those with regular guts. I'm pretty much doing what you're doing - low carb, exercise, lots of water (which is another big rule), and of course I have to take my supplements. That should get me going again. I was pretty much eating what I wanted carbohydrate-wise (except for sweets, which make me sick), thinking it was okay because I could eat so little of it. Well, apparently I can't even get away with that, so back to low carb I go.


    1. I swipe a lot of material from you don't I? What are sisters for? You are right about going back to the basics and what worked for you in the beginning. It's very frustrating not to make progress and especially when we DO know what to do. One of these days we will learn our lesson and quit trying things repeatedly that do not work. We just cause ourselves to take longer getting to our goal. Take care.

  2. This was thought provoking! I like to think that I have the key, I just need to locate it! ;)

    1. I think we all have the right key somewhere. Some of us don't want to use it because other keys look more attractive or don't require as much effort. It is much easier to use the right key in the first place. Sorry about the loss in your family. Take care.