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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Going the Distance

Nanette has a post that made me think. She has a list of her "wants" and "want to" items. Those lists are easy to compile for all of us. We want so many things. I could make a list twice as long if I thought about it long enough.

What is the distance between "want" and "have"? We all want to be at our goal weights. We will have that goal after a certain amount of time passes. The amount of time will be different for all of us. It depends on many things. The first thing, of course, is how much weight we have to lose. Another thing is the amount of effort we put into the task. One other variable is how often we get off our plan or become complacent and just don't do what we need to do.

We increase the distance between our "want" and our "have" each time we want something that keeps us from having reached our goal as quickly as we would like. It seems like such a distant thing to have reached our goal and many of us lose our way and end up lost for a time. We still want the goal. We just don't want it badly enough right now faced with temptation. We want the cake now. We want to be at our goal weight now as well. What wins - the cake or the goal weight? The cake is something tangible. It can be seen, smelled, and tasted. The goal weight? It is abstract. Is this the problem? Something abstract has a hard time competing with something that is right there in front of us.

What should we do? How about making that cake abstract as well? Walk away. Throw it out. Give it away.

We can also choose things that have a shorter distance between "want" and "have". In the morning, decide that we "want" a successful day. We all can decide what a successful day looks like. We may even plan it the night before. We will be able to "have" that about 16 hours later. Is that doable? I think so. Taking one day at a time is very important I think especially if there is much to lose and even if there isn't it still seems like a long way off to reach goal weight at times. People who are maintaining must do this because it is hard to add back foods in the right amounts and stay where they want to stay.

How about going the distance tomorrow between wanting a good day and having a good day? It's really not that far at all.

Be well.

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