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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

At Least --

Norma gave me an idea for a post. She has some "at least" comments in her post for Sunday morning that sparked some thoughts.

How often do we see "at least" as we try to make others feel good about bad choices? I have done this and now I see that while it does help ease guilt feelings for poor choices, it isn't constructive too much. We even say this to ourselves.

At least I only ate 10 cookies.

At least they were low fat since I ate the whole box.

At least I didn't eat the whole pizza.

At least I didn't gain.

At least I thought about exercising.

At least I tried.

At least I haven't developed Type II diabetes yet.

At least I haven't had a heart attack yet.

I have told the story a long time ago about standing in the hallway with one of our English teachers and we were talking about unhealthy habits people have - I think it was smoking. He said he thought the reason people didn't get serious about quitting smoking (this could be expanded to losing weight, stopping drinking, stopping gambling, etc.) was that people think "It won't be today". It won't be today I am diagnosed with cancer; it won't be today I develop Type II diabetes, it won't be today. This is a very sobering thought because it is so true.

Have you ever gone somewhere and looked around and thought to yourself, "At least I am not that big"? Does it matter? Did that thought help us feel better about our own size. Answer: Yes.

I can remember using a fad diet to lose a few pounds and then when I broke and starting overeating I would watch my weight go back up and think, "at least I am not back to where I was". I eventually was there plus a few more pounds.

This is one way we protect ourselves from the truth and help others do the same. I really think we mean well but I also think we don't realize how we are insulating ourselves from getting really serious and really help others get serious. At least I didn't insult you while I pointed out what I saw as a problem area.  At least I didn't tell you how immature it is to rationalize with statements beginning with "at least".

Maybe these would be better -

At least I didn't break my leg on the elliptical.
At least I made it through the first mile before I had to slow down.
At least I had enough vegetables on hand to make a nice salad.
At least I didn't have a wreck on the way to the gym.
At least there was plenty I could choose from at the buffet and stay with my food plan.
At least I didn't run over someone while on my bike ride.

At least I got healthy while there was still enough time to enjoy living.

Be well.


  1. I have the "at least I'm smaller than them" thoughts all of the time! Then I feel awful because I'm judging someone else on their size :(


    1. We protect our self-esteem in many ways. Comparing ourselves to others is one of them. I do this as well. I do catch myself and can tell what I am doing now. Nothing anyone else does makes it OK for me to weigh too much. Truth is elusive. We don't want to face it because it hurts and we look bad for what we have been doing to ourselves. Welcome to my blog. Be well.

  2. When will you publish a book, Myra? You have a great way of communicating "tips" AND "roadblocks" to success in weight loss!

    On this one, I'd have to plead, "Guilty". But "at least" not as much as in the past :)

    1. A book has crossed my mind. I don't know where to start however. I am content to write things that help others at the moment. Thank you for the suggestion. You are the second one to do so. I am glad to read you are improving on this. I still do it and catch myself and change the thought to one of compassion for those who are so far gone - like the video I had the other day. Thank God we found the strength to fight.

  3. I've only been reading for a couple of weeks but I am inspired by your posts.

    1. Thank you. I hope to make the way easier for those who read what I write. Be well.

  4. Sometimes our mindset can make all the difference can't it?

    1. So true. So many people fool themselves without even realizing it - I know I have. Take care.

  5. Boy we do play a lot of mind games with ourselves. At least I am done with that!,

    1. It's a sign of maturity when we face the truth for what it is - the good, bad, and the ugly. We can then move forward and stop messing around. Be well.

  6. At least today is better than yesterday- and I intend to keep it that way. At least I still have time to keep improving. At least I don't accept the least any more.
    I had to join in! You made a serious point a little more fun.

    1. I like "at least today is better than yesterday". You should compose a blog post about that. I also like the thought about not accepting the least. We so often take care of ourselves last and internalize negativity from others. At least it doesn't have to be that way. Be well.