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Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's Up With Me

I have been doing pretty well. I am down another pound to 197. Just thought I would report that to all of you. I am not one to take pictures of food or blog about what I have been eating. I am kind of a "flat line" person and don't sense a whole lot of drama about life. I walk through it and deal with things pretty well.

It has become easier to take everything in stride and "accept the gift of abstinence" - that phrase was in the daily readings from a book called "For Today" - from Overeaters Anonymous. Viewing abstinence as a gift to be accepted is an epiphany. The gift of abstinence is there and we all can have it. The reason we call can have it is because it is ours to give. Think about that. Would we wrap up a heart attack and/or diabetes and give that to someone? Would we want that gift for ourselves?

What if each time we chose not to eat something that won't help us get the weight off, we considered that as a gift to ourselves? Those gifts can be ours daily and when we pass up the donuts or the cake we can quietly think of the gift we have just given ourselves. Who doesn't like a gift when it is given with love?

I would give you that gift if I could. I can't. You have to give that gift to yourself just like I have to give that gift to me.

Will you give yourself any gifts today? I will too.


  1. Per your comment on my post: I KNOW, Myra! That's why I said I plan to heed the FIRST one and not bring them into the house just because they're 1/2 price :)

    Candyless IS my Valentine gift to myself and those who love me will respect that.

  2. Rebecca - I am proud of you. Stick to your guns. Your family and friends will respect your decision.

  3. My gift to myself today is acceptance. Feeling good about myself despite being overweight, and continuing my journey without any self-hate.

  4. Maren - that is a very thoughtful gift you gave yourself. Cherish it. Take care.