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Friday, February 17, 2012

Weight Loss Secrets

I have seen this term used several times. Secrets? Are you kidding me? If these things are secrets then they aren't secrets anymore because if we buy this book or product the light is going to come on and all will be well.

A secret ingredient - really?

Is there a secret to losing weight and nobody told me?

At one time it was leptin. I remember the cortisol thing. Let's not forget green tea and acai berries. We can buy shape-up shoes that look like corrective shoes to me. I have a pair of weighted shoes - there is an extra 2 lbs. of something in each shoe. They also look like corrective shoes. There are pills we can take that attract fat grams to themselves and it's taken on through the system without being digested. I heard an ad on the radio about a new weight loss product and they were looking for people to try it and the only condition was to continue eating like we were; don't change anything - just take this product. The weight would just fall off. Those people are probably rich now. Let's see, there's the weight loss smoothie I heard about on the radio and a revolutionary shaker came with the order. Of course, there was no risk but if you failed to cancel before the deadline and return the unused product they had your credit card number and automatic shipments would begin.

I heard on the radio recently about a weight loss breakthrough. Do people still fall for this stuff? Evidently.

Can you think of any more secrets or breakthroughs?


  1. I think they do
    and they still (we still? :)) order it from TV late at night...



    1. They make it so easy to order and there is usually a limited supply and the first 100 callers get something special and on and on.

  2. I was actually on Fen Fen and Meridia until they were recalled due to heart defects. I too fell into this category thinking there was a miracle cure. Luckily I smartened up and figured out that the only way I was going to lose weight was by myself and by monitoring the foods I ate and the exercise I did. That was my miracle:)

    1. The sooner we realize there is no magic the better off we will be. We also have to resign ourselves that these changes are for the rest of our lives not just until the weight is off.

  3. Replies
    1. These things are funny but I think we all know the truth and it is not a secret.