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Monday, February 13, 2012

Should Have Seen It Coming

If we saw an oncoming train, most of us would get out of the way. We would do something to avoid the train wreck that could scuttle our best laid plans. The train is our emotional state. Each car on the train has something in it that could derail us. Sometimes we are the caboose and sometimes we are the engine.

One of the cars on the train is full of our desire to eat what we want when we want to. Is it a mystery to anyone that we have ridden in that car too many times? Our stomachs are empty and it is so easy to take care of that. We'll call that car "instant gratification".

One of the cars we'll call "deprivation" (you know - the imaginary kind).

Another car has the name "victim" (poor me syndrome).

There's a car called "stress" (when you have no more stress, you will be dead).

"Boredom" (if you are bored, you are probably a boring person).

"Loneliness" (get out there and join something, volunteer, visit a nursing home if you want a reality check).

"Rationalizing" (what could I do?)

"food rules" (you are probably not in starvation mode, your metabolism is probably OK as well).

Other people's rules - (if you don't have 3 vegetables, 2 fruits, and whatever else is on the check-off sheet, the sun will still come up in the morning).

We are the caboose, following along, being pulled whether we want to go or not. We are letting those cars in front of us determine our path. Those cars create scenarios for binge eating. Those cars want us to die as they run over us.

Why not jump on the train rather than letting it run over us? We could be the conductor in the front and decide what cars are on our train. Cars like:

drinking water
positive mental attitude
our "why"

As the conductor we decide what cars are on our train and where we are going. We can ditch those first cars when we were the caboose any time we want.


This is an earlier post of mine on pre-cheating. It kind of fits in here.


  1. Very cleverly composed, Myra (not to mention instructional)! I think I've had all those cars on my track at one time or another...I had to chuckle at the "other peoples' rules" one and "the sun will come out tomorrow" line. Soooooo funny.

  2. Rebecca - thank you. A little humor is good for the soul. Reminders are good for us as well.