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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


One day, I looked up the definition of the word indulge, which means to act in an unrestrained way. For me it was unrestrained eating. You see, eating in its proper context is not the problem. God gave us food for nourishment, strength and even celebration. The problem comes when pleasure is unrestrained. - Lysa TerKeurst

Unrestrained pleasure (light bulb moment).

Have you ever noticed that the third cookie tasted just like the first one?

Have you noticed the lack of restraint in the world? Where does restraint come from? How is it learned? How does one get from pierced ears to pierced everything? When I see a person all pierced, tattood (sp?), and outrageous I wonder if it is for the shock effect; I wonder if there is anything remarkable about that person. I have to think probably not. Does this make up for a lack of accomplishment? When we see people in the news who are at the top of their field, how do they look? The arts would be the exception to this in some cases. I know many will want to say "looks don't matter" but they do. We are all affected by how people look. If we admit to that, doesn't it follow that we should care about our own appearance? We may like to think otherwise but it is what it is. Better to think that although we are affected by appearance we can get past that to the person within. Has anyone tried to fix you up on a blind date? Didn't you want to see a picture?

Has the extra weight been our ticket to not having to achieve much? Or is the weight the result of a lack of  accomplishment? Now we have to find a way to gain some self-esteem. Our unrestrained eating has thwarted our ability to be something special. It has always seemed to me that people who have to go overboard with the hair, piercing, tattoos, etc. are making up for something missing inwardly. It is something they can do. Is that all there is to them? Is this all they feel they have going for them to be noticed? Please don't take offense as I know there are some who may read this and feel this method of self-expression should not be questioned. I am making a point. I am not questioning the freedom to do those things; just the motivation for it.

I am pretty conservative (in case you can't tell). Unrestrained pleasure in the area of eating did not get me noticed in the ways I would have preferred. It wasn't exactly an accomplishment. I don't even think I could accurately call it pleasure because I sure didn't enjoy what I ate; I just wolfed it down. My unrestrained pleasure would be more in the form of buying flowers or quilting fabric. I have been on a jewelry kick lately. Make-up could be a problem as well.

Are many of the money problems people have due to unrestrained pleasure?

Getting back to restraint. How does one restrain oneself? If children are not taught restraint in the expression of anger, in their use of time, or in social activities why would we expect them to develop this on their own? What makes one person able to control him or herself and another goes off the deep end? This is so hard to analyze because as a teacher I have seen awful kids come out of good homes and vice versa. Have you ever known a family where all but one child grows up to amount to something and that one never gets it together?

The consequences of a lack of restraint can cause regrets that are carried throughout a life. It can also cause us to have to spend a lot of time and energy patching things up. I guess all any of us can do at this point is work on our own restraint. How are you doing? I am a work in progress.


  1. I, too, am a work in progress (and not for the first time)!

    As usual, I've been really challenged by reading this post. I think you're "spot on" about the problems that accompany lack of restraint...

  2. Rebecca - We have to quit the habit of starting over, beginning again on Monday, getting it out of system. Let's not let ourselves fall into that trap anymore. Be well.