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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have read a few people talk about having trouble with constipation. It is not fun. I know.

Senna tea works great. It can be a little harsh even. At my store these teas are back by the pharmacy and can be called "smooth move" or "digestive" - read the ingredients. If there is senna listed, that's it. Drinking a full cup can be somewhat harsh. I have a 4 c. coffee press and this last time I put two senna and two green tea bags in it. I drink one cup of that a day and no worries.

My health food store sells just senna tea so that's another source. All I can say is, "It works".


  1. I'm only prone to constipation if my thyroid is way out of whack, and even then, I'm kind of used to regularity. When I ate super high fiber (like 70 grams), I pooped six times a day like a dream.

    Now that I got rid of most grains and eat more around 25-35 grams, I go about 2. Morning and post dinner.

    But I do take magnesium supplements (for glucose and asthma, have for years and years) and that does help a lot, I hear. I've read it's a safer option for regularity. :) And it's good for the bones. We ladies need to watch that! (Though the scan tech said, "You have awesome bones." Well, thanks. I'll take any positives!)

  2. Mir - glad you don't have to suffer with constipation. We smile and joke about it but I know it is no fun at all. When I starved weight off in college I was nearly impacted but TMI - I won't go into the details. It seems you are feeling better. So glad.

  3. Thanks for this.. going to get me some..

  4. Bzybee - I'll be interested to learn how things work out. (I crack myself up sometimes). Be well.