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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Play The Tape To The End

Melanie has an excellent post I think would benefit many of us. Remember the old cassette tapes? She gives the example of when tempted -- "play the tape to the end". If we think of where that cake/ice cream will take us we may re-evaluate the choice we are about to make.

Playing the tape to the end could illustrate so many things. If we would just stop and think what the consequences might be, we would all probably be better off and make better choices. If someone would offer us some cocaine, wouldn't we "play the tape to the end"? If someone would suggest participating in a robbery, wouldn't we "play the tape to the end"? If we were told to overeat and binge and not take care of ourselves, shouldn't we do the same thing?

I've done too much rewinding and repeating behaviors that haven't benefited me. It's time to go forward to the end of the tape.


  1. Thanks for the link - I remember tapes! ;) Good analogy!

  2. Dawn - I love thinking up analogies. I imagine you have figured that out if you have followed by blog for very long. Take care.