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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

On Sunday afternoon I got paged for a service call. The ATM was about 1.5 hours away so that's 3 hours of driving plus the time spent at the ATM. As I was putting on my shoes I started thinking about taking something to eat "just in case". I still feel anxiety when I am getting hungry and have not growled yet. I have to admit I don't always wait for the growl. It is one of the things I am really working on. On Monday I have to do my route and someone else's so it will be a full day. I will be in the car all day getting only long enough to get the deposits out of the ATM and take them in to the bank.

I usually take a food bar, some almonds, some fruit, and maybe a small sandwich. Does it bother you if there is food in the car? I will have all that eaten by 10 or 11 a.m. if I take all that.  All I am taking is a food bar because I will have the pills with me that I take and I like to take them with food. I will have my 64 oz. of water with me. If I get too hungry I will just buy something - usually some peanuts somewhere to get me home. It really irks me that food in the car bothers me until I eat it. I just won't have it in the car then. What's the worst thing that could happen if I get hungry and don't eat for a while? My body will burn some stored fat and that's not a bad thing.

Metabolism will not slow down and muscle tissue will not be used for energy. Things have to be pretty extreme for that to happen. We overeaters like to find some reason to "keep our strength up" - these two reasons are only ways to rationalize in my opinion. The body is not that sensitive to swings in intake. I have seen it recommended to bloggers that they should eat more for the sake of metabolism - really? An otherwise healthy person is in no danger from cutting back calories to a reasonable level for weight loss. There are people who fast one day a week. That guy who produced "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" does a 10-day juice fast every 90 days.

Do any of you spend a lot of time in the car? How do you handle the food thing?


  1. I used to commute an hour each way. Morning was easy - coffee and a banana. But on the way home - Oh!! I would get in the car with a bag of something, usually chips or pretzels, sometimes trail mix with chocolate, and eat the whole thing before I got home. That had to stop, so I started measuring out 100 calories of whatever it was. Then I tried to make it healthier by eating a piece of fruit. Now if I take food with me it doesn't bother me at all to stay in the bag all day long. In fact, many times I will end up throwing the sandwich out at the end of the day. I try to keep protein or granola bars so they will stay fresh a few days. I think when I was commuting every day it was just a habit I got into to help me unwind. Don't know, but glad it's different now.

  2. Jo - I took a food bar today for my first growl at which time I took my pills. At the second growl I just had some peanuts I took (not the whole jar for obvious reasons) and an apple. I got my entire 64 oz. of water in on the two routes that I did today. Yay me.

  3. It seems as though if I have food with me in the car, I will eat all of it in a short period of time. I now try to take only what I need. I am not yet disciplined enough to handle a day's worth of food without indulging, unless there is something else going on that has my attention. It sounds like you did well today.

    I think there is an element of boredom in driving in the car, or perhaps it's an old habit. I've heard lots of people say that they always want to eat in the car.

  4. E. Jane - I did better today than I have in the past. It's the old "seefood" diet. I see food; I want to eat food. Boredom probably is a big factor. Perhaps I should crochet while driving :-)