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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Nanny State


Here is Jamie Lee Curtis saying the government should do something about this drug addiction thing. I am so tired of this. There is already too much government intervention in our lives. Selling drugs and taking drugs is illegal. I thought Whitney Houston was beautiful. I thought she had a wonderful voice. However, she went down a road she did not have to go down. Behavior has consequences.

I am not going to get self-righteous about this because I know obesity, smoking, drinking, and being sedentary can also be lethal. I just did a couple of posts on Paula Deen. Behavior has consequences. That is true for me, for Paula Deen, and for Whitney Houston. I listened to an interview on the radio she had with Oprah. She said smoking marijuana and doing crack cocaine were her drugs of choice. If she openly talks about it she knew what she was doing.

The government cannot do much about stupidity. Whitney was raised in the Church and she knew better. She chose to worship the wrong things and it killed her.


  1. I don't agree with stupidity laws.. laws made to protect the stupid. I truly believe that what an adult does in their own home is completely up to them.

  2. I agree 100%. I'm glad SOMEone is saying it! I'm afraid such common sense thinking is being obliterated by the government, Hollywood, and the inane news "reporting" we are subjected to if we turn on the TV.

  3. Just yesterday I heard the best word to describe this: infantilization. I don't want to be kept as a helpless infant who cannot function without the nanny state to keep me fed, clothed and out of any kind of trouble. And people I know and respect don't want to either. The scary part is that we are that half and half point according to polling of attitudes overall. How do people get OK with all this? How can somebody like Jamie Lee Curtis actually suggest that government intervention would have saved anybody? Come on, as the sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter to all kinds of drug addicts I have done far more than any government agency would ever do to try to stop them. Believe me there is NOTHING that can be done for someone who is hellbent on destroying themselves, no matter how talented and smart that person is. Government intervention would be what it always is: an impediment to those who never needed anyone or anything to tell them what to do and absolutely no help at all for those who need all the help they can get. No one on drugs will ever stop until they are ready. Of this I am certain. Hasn't changed in my lifetime and I don't think the government can magically improve this.

  4. I agree. I do not want more government, and I am tired of so many people that think the "government" is the answer to everything. Hello, have you been to the DMV lately? "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

  5. Bzybee - I don't think I can go along with that. We can't manufacture meth at home to be sold. What if there are children - is there a duty of responsibility? I see your point but can't tell if you really mean anything a person does in his/her home? I do know in America we have separated consequences from behavior and we are soon going to have a nation of fools.

  6. Rebecca - the left wing media will glorify Whitney Houston. Hollywood will make her a martyr of some kind. It didn't have to happen. I wonder how many of those people tried to help her.

  7. Yellow Rose - this is the most important election of our lifetime I think. Obama is now into the contraception business. He wants to mandate buying insurance. Samuel L. Jackson (actor) stated he voted for Obama because he was black. A waitress where my husband goes for breakfast occasionally and who had never voted in her life voted in the last election and told my husband it was to be a part of electing the first black man. With an electorate like that, what can we expect?

    1. Everything you've said here is so true and I've never been more scared in my life. I just fight on and try to trust that America is still the exceptional place that it has always been. I have seen some 'stirrings' among people who haven't really shown an interest in politics before so I hope that will lead to more truth seeking and reality for the population in general.

  8. Paul - government intervention has caused dependency, an entitlement attitude, and has contributed to the breakdown of the American family. The Dems are working on creating a permanent majority. They know stupid people will not bite the hand that feeds them so dependency is to their advantage and gets them votes.