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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This article goes along with the Habit poem from my last post.


and this one:


Do we confuse facts with fear? Do we act out of habit (eating at night?)

What fears are keeping you from doing what you really want to do?

One of our biggest problems is fear of failure I think. We don't try because we don't want to fail. We are afraid of being judged for our size and/or our lack of agility. We are afraid to be seen in a bathing suit - what are people thinking when they give us the once-over glance? We are afraid we won't be able to keep up. We are afraid we will be the oldest, fattest, youngest, tallest, shortest or whatever other shortcomings we can come up with.

These fears  are realistic, I think. We know because we have been there before and we don't want to feel that way again. Many of us have found a way to work out privately. I think that is perfectly fine. Let's face it; most of us are not going to be runners. Most of us will never look great in a bathing suit. It's OK. That does not mean we cannot enjoy ourselves and find things to do to make us feel happy and fulfilled. It doesn't mean we can't be active and enjoy getting better at whatever we choose to do for our health. Those who are too heavy to even walk very far should try water aerobics. The floating factor will keep the impact off of the joints. Don't worry how you look in a bathing suit. I have been in water aerobics classes before. Believe me, you have nothing to worry about. There were people in the class that had knee problems and were very heavy. Then there is the dressing in the locker room uneasiness. If it bothers you, take a robe of some kind and sit on a towel on the way home and just skip the locker room bit. Some locker areas have private stalls for those who are uncomfortable out in the open dressing and undressing. You can rinse the chlorine off with your swimsuit on, dry off as much as you can, put on the robe and sit on a towel on the way home where you can shower privately.

The facts are others don't care like we think they do. Don't let your fears keep you at home. If it is too much right now, walk. Get some good shoes and walk. Even if it is only 1/2 of the block and back, it's a start. I don't think anyone has to feel like less of a person because he/she doesn't want to exercise in the presence of others.

Did any of you have to start out really slowly? What fears have held you back? What do we all need to face in order to get over that obstacle keeping us from doing things for ourselves? Is it because we know we will never be a runner or a super model? We need to accept that and work on being our own personal best.We can compete with our last performance not with others. Just doing better than we did before can be a source or pride. Don't let fears keep you from doing something about it. Do what's comfortable. Come to a peace and be realistic about your possibilities. You may end up going farther than you ever imagined you could. Be well.


  1. Love the positive feel and common sense message of this post. No nonsense, yet positive. That's a hard balance to strike.
    May I add, don't worry about what you once were able to do. Just start where you are now, then challenge yourself more over time. :)

    1. You are so right. We need to start where we are and get better going forward and not let regrets hold us back. I wish I had started working out and stuck with it all my adult life but I didn't and I cannot change that. I can, however, be stronger each day from now on and better at what I am doing. Take care.