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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Develop A Taste?

Have you ever developed a taste for something? I developed a taste for black coffee and cottage cheese. I just kept at it until those two things began to taste good to me.

Have you ever lost your taste for something you used to like? The only times I can think of this happening to people is if they got sick on that food and then from there on they didn't want it anymore.

Why is it so much easier to develop a taste for sweets than it is to develop a taste for vegetables? I know when we start babies on solid food we start with vegetables first because if we start with fruits the baby won't want the vegetables. We have to develop a taste for vegetables but sweets are an automatic "like".

When we have a bad memory we will say "it left a bad taste in my mouth". I think green tea tastes like grass smells. The sense of smell and the sense of taste are very closely linked. The appearance of a food is also important to our liking it or rejecting it. We evaluate how it looks, then how it smells, and then we eat unless it it something we are accustomed to and already know we  like it - we don't need to see it or smell it - we skip those two steps and go right to chow time. Sometimes we don't even taste it much because we are eating so fast. Remember the stomach cannot taste so chew the food, taste it, and enjoy it. Once it is swallowed, the taste is gone and we have to take another bite to get the enjoyment again.

What we refer to as taste is actually a combination of taste, smell, touch and other factors such as temperature. All together these sensations create flavor. As we eat, our taste buds' receptions also react to a food's odor and both the taste and smell combined allow us to identify what we are eating. Lacking a sense of smell, we wouldn't be able to tell sweet from bitter, and we would not be able to recognize other flavors. We therefore wouldn't be able to tell the difference between foods. My former principal was a very obese man and had to have a tumor removed in his brain and he lost a lost of weight because he said it had affected his sense of taste so he didn't enjoy food much.

We have all heard the phrase, "It's all in your head". Have you ever known someone who said he/she didn't like a food and had never tasted it? Have you ever heard the saying "hunger is the best seasoning". Food tastes really good when we are truly hungry. As we fill up, it isn't so appealing. We overeaters go ahead and eat though; we know we like it, and we want to eat.

If we could not taste, we wouldn't be able to tell what food we are eating; we would have to go by looking at it. We couldn't tell the difference between bitter and sweet. Have you ever gulped down some spoiled milk? Should have used your smeller first. Flavor comes from a combination of taste, smell, sight, and temperature. Has your mouth ever watered from the smell of food or talking about it?

Who has ever binged on carrots? Why do we not have the same obsession with carrots that we do with sweets and the salty/greasies? Did Mom ever say if we cleaned up our plates we could have a carrot? When I went to Grandma's she let me bake a cake not make a salad. The celebration at our birthday was cake, not roasted vegetables. When we watch the Super Bowl there might be a token relish tray (that you and I probably brought) but there will be plenty of chips/dip, beer, and pasta thingies but then, that is the tradition.

How will you survive Super Bowl Sunday?


  1. I haven't, actually. Not that I know of. If I try something and don't like it (such as coffee), I see no reason to drink (or eat) it again.

    We don't have Super Bowl Sunday, so I guess I'll survive just fine :p

  2. Maren - There are some things I wish I liked (liver, brussels sprouts) and have really tried but just can't do it. I wanted to drink coffee because of the social aspect and black coffee has no calories. Cottage cheese is pretty nutritious. It took effort on my part to like cookies and pie however. :-)

  3. So many good insights and things to think about. So much that surrounds us when it comes to food and what and how we eat. But then there is the flavor as well, not to mention texture, temperature, etc. Ever feel much like eating when you have a cold? You already know that I had a lot wrapped up in emotion when I was overweight and regularly overeating. But I also have big feelings on things like cold food- that is meant to be served cold. I won't ever get cold food at a restaurant because I feel ripped off. I think it goes back to a hang up about lack of time and energy spent on food preparation. Another little oddity of mine that is really rather fun- I often change tastes. About every few years. Sometimes in major ways. So yes, I have things I used to love that I don't like anymore and things that I have hated that I do love now. Most strange though, I don't ever go back. Meaning there is really only room for one change per food. So once it's gone, it's gone. And those that were once hated are forever redeemed. I know, weird!
    As for Super Bowl, I planned for a free pass day and actually have really begun to marvel at how little I am able to overindulge on. I pay attention to the law of diminishing returns and genuinely try to keep things rational. I watch others more, talk to people, enjoy other aspects of the party. Funny I also notice I'm not so bad about seeming to attract all the strangest people in the room. I do believe it all related!

  4. Yellow Rose - great thoughts. I too ate some pizza and some chocolate chip cookies - did not binge but may have to accept the consequences which I am able to do now that the emotions are under control so much better.