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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Average Weight


This is an interesting article. It would seem to me to be a cause for concern but then we already know that obesity is on the rise. Evidently it's a fact that higher weights for "average" are creeping up. Have you ever heard that frog story? This is true. If you put a frog in plain water and gradually heat it up the frog will not notice and will die because it doesn't notice it is gradually burning up. If, however, you toss a frog in water that is already hot, it will jump out.

Did your weight creep up? Was it a sudden thing? Just a few pounds a year can end a person in obesity and sometimes these were people who were quite slim, even athletic as a young person. There is evidently a disconnect between diet and a healthy weight in the minds of many people. We become too heavy and then we start trying to figure out what went wrong. We get to the point of discomfort that we want out of the hot water. Who wants to be a stupid frog?

Don't worry - the government is on it.

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