Weight loss support with a spiritual element. I will keep you posted on my journey in the hopes that you will join me in becoming the person God wants you to be. Don't worry about being religious. Come as you are.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Space Cadet

What do you do with those little bits of time here and there throughout the day?  Are these spaces problem areas? For example, you plan to eat at noon and it is 11:30 or so and you are hungry. I used to watch the clock (which didn't seem to move) and focus on how hungry I was. There was this inner battle, this panic, over waiting another half hour to have lunch. Should I start doing something? Is there really enough time to accomplish anything? We don't want to start something and then have to stop before it's over do we?

I couldn't get my mind off of lunch. It seems so silly when not hungry and thinking about the reaction to hunger.

What can we get done in 1/2 hour? The perfect activity is some exercise. Why? The blood that is in the gut will be diverted to the legs, hips, and arms to do the activity and the hunger will go away. Many people say they are not hungry right after they exercise and that is because the blood has been diverted to the large muscle groups. As the muscles cool off and the blood leaves the large muscle groups, the hunger will show up. I have read several times that we burn calories at a faster rate for quite some time after we exercise.  I think it was about two hours.

Before getting too hungry, get active. Reading a book or sewing won't do it. Getting outside and moving around will. Many have treadmills and other exercise equipment in their homes so that would also be perfect. We tend to think that hour we worked out is our daily allotment but I say walking on the treadmill for another 15 minutes or so to stave off hunger and get your mind off of it is a great strategy.

Who knows, you might forget to eat. (I crack myself up sometimes). Be well.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Excuses, Excuses

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place."
~ Nora Roberts   from jensgyrations.blogspot.com

As I stroll around blogland and read and comment I notice how "confession is good for the soul" is put into practice. Some get pretty specific about their transgressions almost like they are enjoying it all over again. It reminds me of the joke about the old lady who storms into the police station and announces, "I was raped!" The police immediately want the details and she says, "I wasn't raped, I just want to talk about it." 

There is the underlying current that if it's out in the open, it's OK. There are often the statements of "no more", "starting over", "I'm OK with it", "not going to beat myself up over it", "at least I didn't gain", "a loss is a loss", etc. I had a earlier post about Slogan/Solution that also addressed this. 

This can be a habit and a part of a cycle. Each of us has to answer that one for ourselves. A cycle often has to bottom out before there is upward progress again. During the upward progress part of the cycle we are doing everything right and the weight is coming off and life is good. But this doesn't fit our self-image - all this success so in the back of our minds is the thought, "this is about all of this I want to do" - we get into the false illusion that we are in control now, therefore, we always will be. Who has ever won that battle? I know I haven't.  There are things I cannot do - ever.  If I start thinking I am in control therefore can start baking and having pies, cakes, cookies around and there will be no problem I am being a fool (again). I always lose that battle - always. Every time.  For a day or two I am OK then the "drift" begins. I gradually eat more and more and then am completely out of control and then think I must eat it all so it won't be around to tempt me anymore and then here comes the confession, the self-flagellation, the slogans are all ready to go and I can feel virtuous once more about "getting back on track" (forgot that one in my earlier list).

Who gets us "off track"? I have blogged before about something that troubles me - how can I want this weight off so badly and then do the very things that keep it from happening?

Are we going to talk about it ad nauseum? Our slip-ups? What we ate that we shouldn't have eaten? It would seem to be boring by now.  

We need a new topic. Each day should be our focus. Make today successful. They will pile up and the week will be successful, the month, the year, the rest of our lives. Stop thinking about how much weight needs to be lost, how long it is going to take, dividing the pounds to be lost by 12 or 24 or however long we have decided it's going to take so we know what has to be done by when. We busy ourselves with doing things that fool us into thinking that "this is it" and there will be no more of this messing around.  This is going to have to be for the rest of our lives so today is what matters. Each day. All week. All month. All year.  Nobody is perfect but we don't have to go off the deep end over a cookie. We don't go off the deep end over carrots. There is too much emotional baggage that comes with cookies. We must stay away from them then. It is often another lost battle. If there is a day that isn't our best effort we can still exercise and drink the water. The all or nothing mentality has to stop. We have to stop thinking "Well, today is ruined so I might as well eat all the things I love so "it's out of my system" (another one I forgot in my earlier list). If today is less than what we expect of ourselves, we can start over right now, not tomorrow, not Monday.

This is one area of our lives in which we can be in control regardless of if the rest of our lives are out of whack. It's hard. We can do it. I have also berated myself over "how can someone who is so smart, earned a Master's Degree, taught for 33 years have so much trouble with eating/food?" There are so many issues from the past related to food that intelligence doesn't have much to do with it evidently. If we can figure out the reasons for our dysfunctional relationship with food and eating - great. Regardless, we still have to do the same things to lose our weight and keep it off. 

Let's go after what we want and leave all these excuses, slogans, and rationalizations behind. Let's start thinking things through and being proactive. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Be well.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What a Waste

Sometimes I think I waste more vegetables than I eat. How about you? I got all fired up about juicing after watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" (see an earlier post for the link). I bought vegetables that I usually don't buy so I could juice (kale, cilantro, ginger root, etc.). I get the rationale for juicing. It would be nearly impossible to eat as many vegetables as you drink through juicing. It has to be a power packed drink of vegetables. I don't even take the time the make smoothies. My juicer is kind of a pain to clean up afterwards too. I also have to stop halfway through the vegetables to clean out the pulp so I can finish up.

I already threw out the cucumbers I bought because they had become a science project in the refrigerator. I will check the kale and the cilantro tomorrow and it will probably be composted as well. It's over a week old. I do get salads thrown together as I buy the organic mixtures that are ready to eat. I have a Tupperware product that has vents on the side to let out the gases that cause vegetables to spoil more quickly and I have that filled with prepared carrots, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, and sometimes onions. That makes salads easy. The Tupperware mixture can also be used for steaming, then I chop up one of those veggie burgers and toss it in with a little butter and seasoning - yum. That's what I am having for supper but am waiting on a stomach growl before preparing it.

Our son who is in the Army brought home some venison from his last assignment that I mixed with hamburger and made a pot of chili with it. Duane likes spaghetti or macaroni in his chili so I added spaghetti since I wasn't planning on eating any of it. There is something about wild meat that is a turn off for me. I remember my Dad used to hunt and we would have rabbit or squirrel for supper sometimes. It wasn't too bad as I recall. He loved to fish as well and we would have blue gill, bass, or crappie at times. We lived on a farm and always had a freezer full of meat that we had grown ourselves. I remember my Mom in tears because a calf that she had saved through bottle feeding was on its way to the butcher. We had baby pigs and lambs that she would bottle feed and save when necessary for one reason or another. Those were the good old days I guess.

One funny thing is when my two brothers were out in the barn lot. Brian was in the hay mow and Bruce was in the barn yard. Brian peed on Bruce from up there so the race was on. Brian's speed was the only thing that saved his life on more than one occasion.

Take care.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Home

Do any of you want to eat as soon as you get home regardless of when you last ate? How do you deal with this? I guess willpower and a brain that is in gear are obvious solutions.

I also want to find something to eat as soon as I get to Mom's and again regardless of when I last ate.

I have been using doing a long route and being tired when I get home to slack up. I was thinking to myself as I drove today that many (most) of those trying to lose weight have jobs and still exercise regularly. There went that excuse. My usual routine on Monday-Wednesday-Friday is Step Aerobics in the morning, get home about 10 a.m. - get ready and do my usual route which takes 2.5 hours then the rest of the day is mine.

On Tuesdays I have Bible Study Fellowship at 9 a.m., then do my route, home early afternoon, Jazzercise at 5:30 p.m. Thursdays I can do my route first thing and be done and home by about 10:30 a.m. and have Jazzercise at 5:30.

I have to eat in the car - breakfast and lunch. I have a PBJ sandwich for breakfast (Ezekiel bread, natural pnb, and sugar free jelly) and a Quest protein bar for lunch. I do get my water in while on my route. I know where every restroom is and when to drink water so that I can plan my visits.

It usually works to just relax a bit when I get home. Sit down with tea/coffee/whatever and go through the mail or something to help change gears. Can't do that at Mom's though and she has a candy dish on her coffee table but I don't have to eat it for sure.

Does a change of routine throw you? How do you deal with it?

I think it must be the change of schedule, in fact, I am sure of it. Only one more week of this long route and then I will be back to my usual routine.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Coffee Drinker?

From my sister's blog:  www.jensgyrations.blogspot.com

***You Know You're Drinking Too Much Coffee When...

 You answer the door before people knock.

You just completed another sweater and you don't know how to knit.

You can take a picture of yourself from ten feet away without using the timer.

You're the employee of the month at the local coffeehouse and you don't even work there.

You can type sixty words per minute ... with your feet.

You don't sweat, you percolate.

You walk twenty miles on your treadmill before you realize it's not plugged in.

Starbucks owns the mortgage on your house.

When someone says. "How are you?", you say, "Good to the last drop."

You help your dog chase its tail.

Remember when eggs were bad and we were only to have 2 a week or something like that? Now they are good for us. 

The caffeine in coffee used to bad for us now I have read where it is good for us.

Personally, coffee affects my blood pressure so I have switched to decaf. Seems like that defeats the purpose. Is it all in my head? Is there a difference in taste? I think the regular has more "body" as opposed to the unleaded. I have been drinking more tea lately. There are some pretty good ones out there.

I have a friend who has real chickens - the kind that are down on the ground scratching for gravel, eating bugs, and doing what chickens are supposed to do. These eggs are so big she can hardly get the lid closed on the carton. They are brown and it takes a pretty good whack to crack the shell. The yolk is so rich it is deep orange. These things have to be good for us. I have to let them set for a time before I hard boil them. Fresh eggs are a bear to get peeled. I often have just the yolk left or just some of the white. I have a word I use for super frustration and it is "shit". Do you know where that word came from? It is an acronym for "ship high in transit". Hauling manure in the bow of ships (why anyone would do that is beyond me) would rot the wood so manure was to be SHIT - ship high in transit. 

Another word I find pretty disgusting is an acronym for "fornication under carnal knowledge". It was  legal terminology. I hate when people use that word.

I remember when our son Nathan was young (about 5) he was standing in the kitchen and said, "Mom, I don't understand why shit is a bad word." I didn't really have an answer but I said that usually when people use words like that they were angry or trying to insult or hurt someone's feelings. That was the best I could do.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pray to Food?

Linda Pressman had an interesting comment on Chris's blog (A Deliberate Life) that made me think. She talked about being in an OA meeting where someone shared that she had called her sponsor because she was tempted to eat cake - a trigger food. Her sponsor told her to go ahead and eat it but pray to it first because it had become her Higher Power, not God. She didn't eat the cake.

Praying to food is an interesting concept. This would make food something worthy of worship or something that could grant something that is prayed for. Perhaps that's why this gal didn't eat the cake - there was nothing worthy of being worshiped there. How often have we symbolically prayed to food for relief from boredom, loneliness, anger, tiredness, or a myriad of other things? Isn't that what we are really doing? Praying for deliverance through eating?

How has such faulty reasoning served us? Why do we keep repeating the prayer only to have food give us a different outcome than what we wanted? Have you ever heard food described as "divine"? We talk about food like it provides some euphoric, orgasmic, transcendental experience as we roll our eyes and give the impression of all these wonderful qualities of some dish of food.

We need to get a grip, don't you think?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This article goes along with the Habit poem from my last post.


and this one:


Do we confuse facts with fear? Do we act out of habit (eating at night?)

What fears are keeping you from doing what you really want to do?

One of our biggest problems is fear of failure I think. We don't try because we don't want to fail. We are afraid of being judged for our size and/or our lack of agility. We are afraid to be seen in a bathing suit - what are people thinking when they give us the once-over glance? We are afraid we won't be able to keep up. We are afraid we will be the oldest, fattest, youngest, tallest, shortest or whatever other shortcomings we can come up with.

These fears  are realistic, I think. We know because we have been there before and we don't want to feel that way again. Many of us have found a way to work out privately. I think that is perfectly fine. Let's face it; most of us are not going to be runners. Most of us will never look great in a bathing suit. It's OK. That does not mean we cannot enjoy ourselves and find things to do to make us feel happy and fulfilled. It doesn't mean we can't be active and enjoy getting better at whatever we choose to do for our health. Those who are too heavy to even walk very far should try water aerobics. The floating factor will keep the impact off of the joints. Don't worry how you look in a bathing suit. I have been in water aerobics classes before. Believe me, you have nothing to worry about. There were people in the class that had knee problems and were very heavy. Then there is the dressing in the locker room uneasiness. If it bothers you, take a robe of some kind and sit on a towel on the way home and just skip the locker room bit. Some locker areas have private stalls for those who are uncomfortable out in the open dressing and undressing. You can rinse the chlorine off with your swimsuit on, dry off as much as you can, put on the robe and sit on a towel on the way home where you can shower privately.

The facts are others don't care like we think they do. Don't let your fears keep you at home. If it is too much right now, walk. Get some good shoes and walk. Even if it is only 1/2 of the block and back, it's a start. I don't think anyone has to feel like less of a person because he/she doesn't want to exercise in the presence of others.

Did any of you have to start out really slowly? What fears have held you back? What do we all need to face in order to get over that obstacle keeping us from doing things for ourselves? Is it because we know we will never be a runner or a super model? We need to accept that and work on being our own personal best.We can compete with our last performance not with others. Just doing better than we did before can be a source or pride. Don't let fears keep you from doing something about it. Do what's comfortable. Come to a peace and be realistic about your possibilities. You may end up going farther than you ever imagined you could. Be well.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Garbage In Garbage Out  - we aren't going to take this too literally regarding eating and food but rather information and behavior.

What do we ingest mentally that manifests itself in our behavior? What do we read, hear, and see that affects what we do and how we feel about our lives?

Some people soak up information without really evaluating it or considering the source. The internet is full of sites that are written by others we do not know but if it is in print it is gospel to them. Information is distorted and taken out of context. So many Americans don't consider whether or not something is true. If it's on the TV or in the newspaper, then it is true to them. Look at how Herman Cain was destroyed on an accusation with no proof. People wanted it to be true so they believed it.

I believe that whatever goes into our minds comes out in our lives. I don't watch TV. I could live my life without it. I don't like watching people treat each other the way they do on many shows. The sitcoms that make people laugh are full of promiscuity and everyone is happy and smiling and things work out - no consequences. The violence desensitizes us. After watching so much violence it doesn't even bother us anymore. Many live their lives vicariously through celebrities and emulate their behavior. I know there are a few good shows and documentaries and such but there is so much trash I don't watch it at all.

"You deserve a break today".
"We make it your way".
"I'm thinkin' Arby's".

Here is a list of advertising slogans for many things:


Advertising is big money. The purpose of advertising is to persuade us to buy something we didn't know we needed until then.

Is there garbage going into your mind?

Food for Thought...

I am your constant companion.
I am your greatest asset or heaviest burden.
I will push you up to success or down to disappointment.
I am at your command.
Half the things you do might just as well be turned over to me.
For I can do them quickly, correctly, and profitably.
I am easily managed: just be firm with me.
Those who are great, I have made great.
Those who are failures, I have made failures.
I am not a machine, though I work with the precision of a machine and the intelligence of a person.
You can run me for profit, or you can run me for ruin.
Show me how you want it done. Educate me. Train me.
Lead me. Reward me.
And I will then...do it automatically.
I am your servant.
Who am I?
I am a habit.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Mary has this bit of inspiration in her post:

I gave up milk chocolate when I released milk fat from my food plan.That has not been easy. Some days I hate that I cannot have it. BUT PLEASE NOTE: I have never hated it an hour or a day later.Fast food restaurants are not an option for me today. Pizza has not been on my food plan for two years but I admit that when time is short I miss being able to just order pizza. For two years I have not ordered the pizza and there as never been a morning where I regretted the decision not to have pizza the night before.

I like the phrase "released milk fat from my food plan". I also like the concept of not regretting having not ordered pizza the night before.

Think of the regrets we have caused ourselves over the unwise eating we have done in the past. We regret that we didn't exercise or drink enough water. We can avoid all those regrets and instead be thankful for the victory.

As an aside - one of the best things about reading the blogs of others is that so many pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and get back at it. Even with a gain, they don't give up but sort things out and go on.  Sometimes I feel like I have ruined it all by eating unwisely so it's time to go read some blogs. It does add more time to getting to goal and we can't make a cycle out of it but I appreciate all those who do the best they can at the time. We can offer constructive criticism or make suggestions about what needs to be done but please don't ever link to someone's blog for the purpose of making public something that was done that was wrong as far as a calorie count or unwise as far as food choices go.  I try not to enable poor choices or make things seem right that are not. Calling people names or using profanity describing a fellow blogger is equally wrong. I don't need someone to point out to me another blogger's lack of accuracy. I can read a blog and if food is listed, I can tell if it is accurate or not. I can choose to comment or not. I don't want links to the blogs of people for the purpose of showing the mistakes that person made when it comes to calories and food choices. We can privately  communicate the flaws we see.

I stop following the blogs of people who don't ever seem to get it together. I can usually tell if the blogger is just wanting to make friends or get validation for poor choices. Even if that is their reason for blogging, so what? We choose who we follow and we can also choose when to stop following. We don't need to be policed and we don't need a diet sheriff. The "your humble servant" tone about just wanting what's best for the victim and safeguarding some poor soul who might eat the same way doesn't fly.  

If we can't figure out what works and doesn't work for losing weight without following another blogger, we won't ever be successful anyway. Each of us must decide how to comment in ways that encourage and support good choices and victories. We also need to provide constructive criticism and make suggestions for better choices where we see potential problems for the bloggers whose posts we read.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weight Loss Secrets

I have seen this term used several times. Secrets? Are you kidding me? If these things are secrets then they aren't secrets anymore because if we buy this book or product the light is going to come on and all will be well.

A secret ingredient - really?

Is there a secret to losing weight and nobody told me?

At one time it was leptin. I remember the cortisol thing. Let's not forget green tea and acai berries. We can buy shape-up shoes that look like corrective shoes to me. I have a pair of weighted shoes - there is an extra 2 lbs. of something in each shoe. They also look like corrective shoes. There are pills we can take that attract fat grams to themselves and it's taken on through the system without being digested. I heard an ad on the radio about a new weight loss product and they were looking for people to try it and the only condition was to continue eating like we were; don't change anything - just take this product. The weight would just fall off. Those people are probably rich now. Let's see, there's the weight loss smoothie I heard about on the radio and a revolutionary shaker came with the order. Of course, there was no risk but if you failed to cancel before the deadline and return the unused product they had your credit card number and automatic shipments would begin.

I heard on the radio recently about a weight loss breakthrough. Do people still fall for this stuff? Evidently.

Can you think of any more secrets or breakthroughs?

Thursday, February 16, 2012


My part-time job has become full-time until the new guy is trained. One of the guys on another route failed to re-qualify with his weapon and so he resigned. So I am in the car all day driving from ATM to ATM, getting the deposits and taking them in to the branch. I am missing my step aerobics classes; I missed my Quilt Club meeting; I will miss my quilting class tomorrow; I am also missing Jazzercise as I am on call most evenings. I had registered for a Quilt Retreat that I had to miss as well. They were kind enough to put me in the April retreat.

Eating poses a special challenge because just sitting in the car for most of the day and driving doesn't allow for much activity that keeps the mind off food/eating. It would be nice to feel like I could just buy two meals each day but that gets really expensive and it's hard to find something that fits weight loss efforts. There is Subway and that's about it and even that is difficult because I eat as I drive.

I have been having a PBJ for breakfast using Ezekiel bread (made from sprouted grains, no flour), all natural peanut butter (that stuff really doesn't taste very good; I added some stevia), and sugar free jelly which is really pretty good. I take some almonds and a Quest High Protein bar plus my water.

I have been putting two soup spoons of chia seeds in a small bowl, adding 1 scoop of protein powder, two packs of stevia, sugar free jelly, and plain yogurt and mixing that up. YUM. If you haven't read up on white chia seeds, you may want to do so. They add a lot of protein and nutrition to just about everything. They are very small and crunchy - kind of like the seeds in a kiwi.

I hope all is well with everyone. Posting has not been too "deep" lately but  I just haven't had the time. I am making a quilt for a wedding in the family, there are graduations and a retirement celebration soon not to mention birthdays and all that. Be well.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


13 Reasons to Love Your Body Now - Christie Inge

It is the only one you have.
It feels a whole lot better.
You can't hate your way into anything but suffering.
Loving your body now doesn't mean giving up on it. In fact, it means the opposite.
You are worth it.
When you love something, you take care of it.
You'll have more energy to focus on the things that are really important to you.
People are going to judge you no matter what.
Loving it isn't actually dependent on it's size and shape.
It is amazing.
A life lived from love is more fulfilling and peaceful.
Why wait to be happy?
How is hating it working for you?

Which one(s) speak to you the most and why?

The Nanny State


Here is Jamie Lee Curtis saying the government should do something about this drug addiction thing. I am so tired of this. There is already too much government intervention in our lives. Selling drugs and taking drugs is illegal. I thought Whitney Houston was beautiful. I thought she had a wonderful voice. However, she went down a road she did not have to go down. Behavior has consequences.

I am not going to get self-righteous about this because I know obesity, smoking, drinking, and being sedentary can also be lethal. I just did a couple of posts on Paula Deen. Behavior has consequences. That is true for me, for Paula Deen, and for Whitney Houston. I listened to an interview on the radio she had with Oprah. She said smoking marijuana and doing crack cocaine were her drugs of choice. If she openly talks about it she knew what she was doing.

The government cannot do much about stupidity. Whitney was raised in the Church and she knew better. She chose to worship the wrong things and it killed her.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



Some Jazzercise classes were invited to perform at half-time of the Pacer's game last Saturday. My class is there (I did not go). They chose some easier routines so everyone could stay together and look good but this will show you a little bit about Jazzercise. It's kind of dance-y which I like. Hope all of you have found exercise that you enjoy. I do this on Tues. - Thurs. - Saturday.

Play The Tape To The End

Melanie has an excellent post I think would benefit many of us. Remember the old cassette tapes? She gives the example of when tempted -- "play the tape to the end". If we think of where that cake/ice cream will take us we may re-evaluate the choice we are about to make.

Playing the tape to the end could illustrate so many things. If we would just stop and think what the consequences might be, we would all probably be better off and make better choices. If someone would offer us some cocaine, wouldn't we "play the tape to the end"? If someone would suggest participating in a robbery, wouldn't we "play the tape to the end"? If we were told to overeat and binge and not take care of ourselves, shouldn't we do the same thing?

I've done too much rewinding and repeating behaviors that haven't benefited me. It's time to go forward to the end of the tape.

Fast Food, Fat Profits/Obesity in America


This is very informative and eye opening.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Should Have Seen It Coming

If we saw an oncoming train, most of us would get out of the way. We would do something to avoid the train wreck that could scuttle our best laid plans. The train is our emotional state. Each car on the train has something in it that could derail us. Sometimes we are the caboose and sometimes we are the engine.

One of the cars on the train is full of our desire to eat what we want when we want to. Is it a mystery to anyone that we have ridden in that car too many times? Our stomachs are empty and it is so easy to take care of that. We'll call that car "instant gratification".

One of the cars we'll call "deprivation" (you know - the imaginary kind).

Another car has the name "victim" (poor me syndrome).

There's a car called "stress" (when you have no more stress, you will be dead).

"Boredom" (if you are bored, you are probably a boring person).

"Loneliness" (get out there and join something, volunteer, visit a nursing home if you want a reality check).

"Rationalizing" (what could I do?)

"food rules" (you are probably not in starvation mode, your metabolism is probably OK as well).

Other people's rules - (if you don't have 3 vegetables, 2 fruits, and whatever else is on the check-off sheet, the sun will still come up in the morning).

We are the caboose, following along, being pulled whether we want to go or not. We are letting those cars in front of us determine our path. Those cars create scenarios for binge eating. Those cars want us to die as they run over us.

Why not jump on the train rather than letting it run over us? We could be the conductor in the front and decide what cars are on our train. Cars like:

drinking water
positive mental attitude
our "why"

As the conductor we decide what cars are on our train and where we are going. We can ditch those first cars when we were the caboose any time we want.


This is an earlier post of mine on pre-cheating. It kind of fits in here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Olive Garden Update

We went to Olive Garden and the wait was nearly an hour so we went to a Steak House up the road. There was a menu choice of a Country Garden Plate where 4 sides were chosen. I had a sweet potato, green beans, dinner salad/ranch dressing, and steamed carrots/broccoli. I drank water. Perfect. I was not even tempted by the dinner rolls of which there were two baskets. I did eat the croutons on the salad as I am not a purist. I have been off the carbs for so long that I can take them or leave them. Things worked out for the best.

More Good News

I have lost another 1.5 lb. as of this morning - checked it twice even. I now weigh 195.5 and am very encouraged by this.

Our son is coming to visit today and we are eating out at the Olive Garden in Richmond, Indiana. I love their salad so that won't be a problem. I can order something grilled with hot vegetables and will decide if I will have one bread stick or not - Olive Garden has wonderful bread sticks. Sometimes we order wine. I can have one of each of the wine and the bread sticks now and not come home and binge for the rest of the day because I figure I have blown it and might as well start tomorrow with a clean slate. I am glad those days are gone. My worst behavior right now is slowing down while I eat. I will consciously work on that at the meal today.

The low carb is working well for me and I have been faithful to the 64 oz of water per day and exercising 3 - 5 times per week. On a perfect week, I exercise 6 times with Sunday as my rest day. I don't keep track of the carbs I eat. I have said before that I hate journaling.  It becomes another chore for me. My goal is to eat more intuitively and adopt the mindset of "how much can I get by on" rather than "how much can I have"? Eating less each time I eat just means the growl will come around more quickly. The emptiness right before hunger does not cause the panic it used to cause me. I have never figured that out. Is the panic because I am hungry or because I fear I will lose control again? I think food/eating brings such memories of being out of control and then disgusted that the memories of those emotions cause anxiety. I must fear them happening again. Each time I am successful at staying in control makes me more confident in my ability to do it again. I think that is the same with the binge. Each time I was successful and did not binge made me more confident that I could avoid the next one. Over time the binges became less frequent and less severe. I pray that for each of you still plagued by binge eating. You can overcome it. Don't stop fighting it and remember each time you win makes it more likely you will win the next battle as well.

Just for today let's not binge or overeat. We can get up in the morning and decide if we are going to do it again. The prize awaits us. Have a blessed Sunday.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's Up With Me

I have been doing pretty well. I am down another pound to 197. Just thought I would report that to all of you. I am not one to take pictures of food or blog about what I have been eating. I am kind of a "flat line" person and don't sense a whole lot of drama about life. I walk through it and deal with things pretty well.

It has become easier to take everything in stride and "accept the gift of abstinence" - that phrase was in the daily readings from a book called "For Today" - from Overeaters Anonymous. Viewing abstinence as a gift to be accepted is an epiphany. The gift of abstinence is there and we all can have it. The reason we call can have it is because it is ours to give. Think about that. Would we wrap up a heart attack and/or diabetes and give that to someone? Would we want that gift for ourselves?

What if each time we chose not to eat something that won't help us get the weight off, we considered that as a gift to ourselves? Those gifts can be ours daily and when we pass up the donuts or the cake we can quietly think of the gift we have just given ourselves. Who doesn't like a gift when it is given with love?

I would give you that gift if I could. I can't. You have to give that gift to yourself just like I have to give that gift to me.

Will you give yourself any gifts today? I will too.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Thinking It To Death?

You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.  ~Author Unknown (jensgyrations.blogspot.com)

This was on my sister's blog and I thought I would expand on it a bit.

How much time do we spend thinking about this weight/eating thing? Do we try to devise some new angle to losing weight? Do we spend time equating activities and calories burned with how much we can eat? Do we look at food and try to imagine a way to account for those calories? Do we balance today's poor choices by vowing to fast tomorrow?

Do we diet in our minds? Do we exercise in our minds? Have you ever heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

We choose the road to hell. We choose it in reverse - by NOT doing what our minds/logic/reasoning would have us do. Doing those things is what gets us to goal (heaven) - who wants to go there anyway? It is much better to overeat/binge, lay around,  rationalize, and complain. While this is sarcastic; it's how I have behaved at times. We want to get there on our terms. We don't want boundaries, limits, and commitments; I want to do what I want, when I want, and as much as I want. 

It's also why I am losing my weight for the third time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


One day, I looked up the definition of the word indulge, which means to act in an unrestrained way. For me it was unrestrained eating. You see, eating in its proper context is not the problem. God gave us food for nourishment, strength and even celebration. The problem comes when pleasure is unrestrained. - Lysa TerKeurst

Unrestrained pleasure (light bulb moment).

Have you ever noticed that the third cookie tasted just like the first one?

Have you noticed the lack of restraint in the world? Where does restraint come from? How is it learned? How does one get from pierced ears to pierced everything? When I see a person all pierced, tattood (sp?), and outrageous I wonder if it is for the shock effect; I wonder if there is anything remarkable about that person. I have to think probably not. Does this make up for a lack of accomplishment? When we see people in the news who are at the top of their field, how do they look? The arts would be the exception to this in some cases. I know many will want to say "looks don't matter" but they do. We are all affected by how people look. If we admit to that, doesn't it follow that we should care about our own appearance? We may like to think otherwise but it is what it is. Better to think that although we are affected by appearance we can get past that to the person within. Has anyone tried to fix you up on a blind date? Didn't you want to see a picture?

Has the extra weight been our ticket to not having to achieve much? Or is the weight the result of a lack of  accomplishment? Now we have to find a way to gain some self-esteem. Our unrestrained eating has thwarted our ability to be something special. It has always seemed to me that people who have to go overboard with the hair, piercing, tattoos, etc. are making up for something missing inwardly. It is something they can do. Is that all there is to them? Is this all they feel they have going for them to be noticed? Please don't take offense as I know there are some who may read this and feel this method of self-expression should not be questioned. I am making a point. I am not questioning the freedom to do those things; just the motivation for it.

I am pretty conservative (in case you can't tell). Unrestrained pleasure in the area of eating did not get me noticed in the ways I would have preferred. It wasn't exactly an accomplishment. I don't even think I could accurately call it pleasure because I sure didn't enjoy what I ate; I just wolfed it down. My unrestrained pleasure would be more in the form of buying flowers or quilting fabric. I have been on a jewelry kick lately. Make-up could be a problem as well.

Are many of the money problems people have due to unrestrained pleasure?

Getting back to restraint. How does one restrain oneself? If children are not taught restraint in the expression of anger, in their use of time, or in social activities why would we expect them to develop this on their own? What makes one person able to control him or herself and another goes off the deep end? This is so hard to analyze because as a teacher I have seen awful kids come out of good homes and vice versa. Have you ever known a family where all but one child grows up to amount to something and that one never gets it together?

The consequences of a lack of restraint can cause regrets that are carried throughout a life. It can also cause us to have to spend a lot of time and energy patching things up. I guess all any of us can do at this point is work on our own restraint. How are you doing? I am a work in progress.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have read a few people talk about having trouble with constipation. It is not fun. I know.

Senna tea works great. It can be a little harsh even. At my store these teas are back by the pharmacy and can be called "smooth move" or "digestive" - read the ingredients. If there is senna listed, that's it. Drinking a full cup can be somewhat harsh. I have a 4 c. coffee press and this last time I put two senna and two green tea bags in it. I drink one cup of that a day and no worries.

My health food store sells just senna tea so that's another source. All I can say is, "It works".

Average Weight


This is an interesting article. It would seem to me to be a cause for concern but then we already know that obesity is on the rise. Evidently it's a fact that higher weights for "average" are creeping up. Have you ever heard that frog story? This is true. If you put a frog in plain water and gradually heat it up the frog will not notice and will die because it doesn't notice it is gradually burning up. If, however, you toss a frog in water that is already hot, it will jump out.

Did your weight creep up? Was it a sudden thing? Just a few pounds a year can end a person in obesity and sometimes these were people who were quite slim, even athletic as a young person. There is evidently a disconnect between diet and a healthy weight in the minds of many people. We become too heavy and then we start trying to figure out what went wrong. We get to the point of discomfort that we want out of the hot water. Who wants to be a stupid frog?

Don't worry - the government is on it.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

On Sunday afternoon I got paged for a service call. The ATM was about 1.5 hours away so that's 3 hours of driving plus the time spent at the ATM. As I was putting on my shoes I started thinking about taking something to eat "just in case". I still feel anxiety when I am getting hungry and have not growled yet. I have to admit I don't always wait for the growl. It is one of the things I am really working on. On Monday I have to do my route and someone else's so it will be a full day. I will be in the car all day getting only long enough to get the deposits out of the ATM and take them in to the bank.

I usually take a food bar, some almonds, some fruit, and maybe a small sandwich. Does it bother you if there is food in the car? I will have all that eaten by 10 or 11 a.m. if I take all that.  All I am taking is a food bar because I will have the pills with me that I take and I like to take them with food. I will have my 64 oz. of water with me. If I get too hungry I will just buy something - usually some peanuts somewhere to get me home. It really irks me that food in the car bothers me until I eat it. I just won't have it in the car then. What's the worst thing that could happen if I get hungry and don't eat for a while? My body will burn some stored fat and that's not a bad thing.

Metabolism will not slow down and muscle tissue will not be used for energy. Things have to be pretty extreme for that to happen. We overeaters like to find some reason to "keep our strength up" - these two reasons are only ways to rationalize in my opinion. The body is not that sensitive to swings in intake. I have seen it recommended to bloggers that they should eat more for the sake of metabolism - really? An otherwise healthy person is in no danger from cutting back calories to a reasonable level for weight loss. There are people who fast one day a week. That guy who produced "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" does a 10-day juice fast every 90 days.

Do any of you spend a lot of time in the car? How do you handle the food thing?

Develop A Taste?

Have you ever developed a taste for something? I developed a taste for black coffee and cottage cheese. I just kept at it until those two things began to taste good to me.

Have you ever lost your taste for something you used to like? The only times I can think of this happening to people is if they got sick on that food and then from there on they didn't want it anymore.

Why is it so much easier to develop a taste for sweets than it is to develop a taste for vegetables? I know when we start babies on solid food we start with vegetables first because if we start with fruits the baby won't want the vegetables. We have to develop a taste for vegetables but sweets are an automatic "like".

When we have a bad memory we will say "it left a bad taste in my mouth". I think green tea tastes like grass smells. The sense of smell and the sense of taste are very closely linked. The appearance of a food is also important to our liking it or rejecting it. We evaluate how it looks, then how it smells, and then we eat unless it it something we are accustomed to and already know we  like it - we don't need to see it or smell it - we skip those two steps and go right to chow time. Sometimes we don't even taste it much because we are eating so fast. Remember the stomach cannot taste so chew the food, taste it, and enjoy it. Once it is swallowed, the taste is gone and we have to take another bite to get the enjoyment again.

What we refer to as taste is actually a combination of taste, smell, touch and other factors such as temperature. All together these sensations create flavor. As we eat, our taste buds' receptions also react to a food's odor and both the taste and smell combined allow us to identify what we are eating. Lacking a sense of smell, we wouldn't be able to tell sweet from bitter, and we would not be able to recognize other flavors. We therefore wouldn't be able to tell the difference between foods. My former principal was a very obese man and had to have a tumor removed in his brain and he lost a lost of weight because he said it had affected his sense of taste so he didn't enjoy food much.

We have all heard the phrase, "It's all in your head". Have you ever known someone who said he/she didn't like a food and had never tasted it? Have you ever heard the saying "hunger is the best seasoning". Food tastes really good when we are truly hungry. As we fill up, it isn't so appealing. We overeaters go ahead and eat though; we know we like it, and we want to eat.

If we could not taste, we wouldn't be able to tell what food we are eating; we would have to go by looking at it. We couldn't tell the difference between bitter and sweet. Have you ever gulped down some spoiled milk? Should have used your smeller first. Flavor comes from a combination of taste, smell, sight, and temperature. Has your mouth ever watered from the smell of food or talking about it?

Who has ever binged on carrots? Why do we not have the same obsession with carrots that we do with sweets and the salty/greasies? Did Mom ever say if we cleaned up our plates we could have a carrot? When I went to Grandma's she let me bake a cake not make a salad. The celebration at our birthday was cake, not roasted vegetables. When we watch the Super Bowl there might be a token relish tray (that you and I probably brought) but there will be plenty of chips/dip, beer, and pasta thingies but then, that is the tradition.

How will you survive Super Bowl Sunday?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jim Gaffigan


The above is about hot pockets.

Norma had this one about cake that I thought was really funny.


These two clips will bring a smile.

Have a great one!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Regulate Sugar?


The nanny state is alive and well. I find this hard to swallow (yuk, yuk). Is it any wonder people don't use their brains for decisions about their diets? When did it become the government's job to oversee what people eat and drink? As long as there is a market for anything, there will be someone who figures out how to supply that market. I weep for the future.

Did prohibition work during the Roaring 20's. Remember black market cigarettes?


Some also want to make it illegal to smoke in the car with those under 18 present. Policemen are going to be expected to enforce this? This line of reasoning would make it illegal to smoke in the home if people have kids.

Is passing laws the way to change behavior?

I am going to introduce a law that will make it illegal to have a second helping of food. In this bill I will also include that it be illegal to have dessert if one's BMI is over 32. There will be mandatory time spent exercising and I will have a chip embedded in the overweight so a report can be produced to make sure this is done. This chip will also record how much water is consumed and the 64 oz. minimum will be strictly enforced.

Big Brother is Watching.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Low Carb Thoughts

I have been using the low carb method for losing weight. It is my own adaptation of it. Atkins is the leader in the field it seems. I tried to follow it once upon a time but that first couple of weeks was unbearable for me - tired from lack of carbs, bad breath, bad taste - just not for me. The goal is to get the body into ketosis and the urine is to be tested to see if this has been accomplished. When the body is forced to burn fat for energy because the stores of carbs are gone ketosis happens. The ketones (ash left behind when fat is burned) are passed through the kidneys and a lot of water has to be drunk because otherwise it is unhealthy for the kidneys.

One of my beliefs is that our food plan must be ours and not something we follow that someone else devised. I found a level of carbs that kept me from being tired but not too much to interfere with weight loss. This was about 50 carbs a day for me. I exercise 6 times a week. High blood sugar is the body's signal to store fat. When we overeat or just eat too many carbs, the insulin necessary to digest this blood sugar causes the body to realize that there is too much blood sugar and what is left over after a certain amount is stored in the liver is stored in the fat cells. We want as little insulin response as possible so fewer carbs means less insulin means less fat storage. Once the stores of carbs are used up, the body turns to stored fat for energy - this is what we want. It makes sense to me to keep carbs low but not so low as to cause tiredness.

I do not crave sweets anymore. I rarely have bread or potatoes and I don't miss it. I am shocked by this but it is true - if you will get off the carbs you can take or leave them. Haven't you noticed how sugar makes you want more, more, more? The blood sugar spikes, then drops - then we spike it again with more carbs and the vicious cycle begins.

The beauty of low carb for me was I can pretty much be satisfied most of the time. We do have to endure some hunger to lose weight and calories do count but the satisfaction is better if more lean protein is eaten rather than another slice of bread.

My downfall and something you will have to be careful of is thinking, "These unsalted, dry roasted peanuts have almost no carbs so I can eat 3 cups of them". No. That is also probably why I only lost 2 lbs. this month. You won't be nearly as starving hungry on low carb as on other diets but nothing is unlimited. Have you ever noticed that most fad diets have something that is unlimited?

I think fruit is unlimited now on Weight Watchers - that would not work for me. Weight Watchers is not a fad diet but that word "unlimited" has special appeal for overeaters. Even though fruit is a natural sugar - the body still thinks carbs. All food is turned into blood glucose but it is a much longer process for proteins and fats. The body uses the quick energy first - that found in carbs like bread, fruits, rice, pasta, potatoes and such.  If we get the blood sugar too high, the insulin produced to digest it can signal the body to store fat.

I like low carb because I can have a killer salad with a chicken breast, some bacon, cheese, sunflower seeds, and all the greens of course - real salad dressing. There are some great sugar free products on the market and labels have all the information you need to keep track of your carbs. Vegetable soup is great and I don't miss the crackers - I make it thick with cabbage anyway. The Quest Protein food bars are great and Atkins has several good products on the market that are low carb (the peanut butter cups are great - just don't eat the whole box) - who would do that anyway?  :-)   Be well.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ONE Happy Lady

I had my husband take a picture of me. Today I weighed 198 and the first picture was when I was 223 if I remember correctly. I can tell some difference but then we are always more critical of ourselves than others are don't you think? (They are both on my sidebar to your right).

I am really happy to be in onederland but 198 only represents a 2 lb. loss for the month of January so I am going back to weighing weekly and being accountable to the others in my Behavior Blast Challenge. Although we are concentrating on behaviors, there's nothing wrong with reporting a weekly weight as well as the daily goal of behavior change. There is room for more in the Challenge. This week is a "coast" week. Our first week was 64 oz. of water per day and that was all that was reported. Last week we continued with the water and added exercising 3 - 5 times per week. This week is a "coast" week where we just continue with the water and exercise. After this week of coasting we are each going to declare the behavior we will be working on. Jill is going to work on tracking her food. I am going to work on slowing down as I eat (I may have to work on that for more than one week). I plan to eat with my left hand, chew and swallow, take a drinik, then and only then take another bite. What do you think of that plan? Paul is still thinking about it. Georgia has come back to us so she will be deciding on her behavior soon. Just let me know if you want to be on the spreadsheet that I update each day. I will need your email address, your blog address, and your real name if you got creative with your blog name. We would love to have you join us.

I wore the same top in the picture but those jeans are gone as they were too big. These black jeans are almost too big but I put them on and wore them before they got stretched out from wearing them. I have to wear a belt. The only jeans I have now that really fit are in the laundry. I am going to a local consignment shop called "Designers Consigners". They only accept really nice things for consignment. I am hoping to find some jeans there.

Take care of yourselves and hang in there. If this was easy, everyone would be slim. It takes hard work, and commitment, and the willingness to endure some hunger. Let's all stay true to ourselves and what we want out of life.