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Monday, January 23, 2012

What To Do After a Binge


Some of you battle this. Those who binge need to know there is something to do "the day after". I used to be plagued by binge eating but I kept fighting and now I don't binge (unless I drink wine which isn't in the house anymore). My binges got less frequent and less severe and now I don't worry about them.


  1. I am/was a binger. As you said about your binge eating, mine has been less and less frequent and farther in between episodes. I still have the urge to binge- but I have much better control now. Thank you for this article!!!

  2. Jill - binge eating starts with terrible emotions and ends with worse ones. I think as we come to terms with "us" we understand binge eating does not help - it just adds another problem. I am glad you have "recovered" for the most part and hope those who read this understand that if they stay in the fight, they will come out on top of it. Be well and great job on the water in our challenge. We are only three really in it right now but the three who have stayed are doing great.

  3. I just pick myself back up and get back to business. I don't dwell on it, I just look forward to my goals.

    Keep focused!

  4. Joy - that's the right attitude. Stay in the fight and one day you will notice it just isn't happening like it used to.

  5. I struggle with this sometimes. But I've learned to control myself better, and to move on if I have small slips!

    About your question: I have added you to the group. It should show up on your left 'margin' on your facebook home page. It's names "Mt. Flab Support System". Click it, and you enter the group. I posted a welcome message, that probably got sent as an email to you as well? (If you find the email notifications annoying you can turn that off from the group page as well) :)

  6. Maren - thank you. I am excited to be a part of the group. Good Idea! I think you have been a great addition to the weight loss blog world. Take care.

  7. Just now coming across your blog and seeing this. Thanks for sharing the link. I am battling binge eating.


    1. Welcome to my blog. I want to help all I can because I used to binge as well. I hope you have read the other comments and my replies. I put a lot of thought into my posts and hope you will read some past posts as well in the hopes the information helps you overcome this very common challenge to those trying to lose weight. Stay in the fight. Be careful out there today. You are follower No. 100 - I am so excited to have you.