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Monday, January 16, 2012

Table Scraps

Success is the intentional, pre-meditated use of choice and decision. Unless you choose—with certainty—what it is you want, you accept table scraps by default!

The world is plump with opportunity. With boldness and conviction, stick a fork into the goals you want by being decisive. -Gary Ryan Blair

From the book, Goals, by Gary Ryan Blair

Choosing but not deciding. I have been thinking about that. I can choose many things but if I don't decide to do what's necessary to get them I will be spinning my wheels because I probably won't ever figure out that it takes a concerted effort, a decision, to get what I have chosen. I must be bold and I must be convinced that I can do this. If I am bold and convinced, it won't matter if I am hungry but have to wait a bit to eat. I will exercise because I have made the decision to exercise. I have not battled with myself as to whether I am going to do it or not. I don't put it off; it is an important part of reaching my goal and the question of whether I want to do it or not is irrelevant. I drink the water because I have decided that it will make me healthier and I will lose weight more efficiently. It doesn't matter if I would rather not; I am the kind of person who follows through on decisions. And while I am at it, following through is another important part of the choice, then the decision, and finally the follow through.  Following through is an important part of the perfect pitch in baseball, hitting the hole in one in golf, and bowling a strike. It is also necessary to get to our goal weight. We must follow through. What is your opinion of someone who doesn't follow through with what they promise to others? We would never break a promise that we made, that is unless it is a promise we have made to ourselves. Aren't those promises important too?

No more table scraps. We want that steak that represents our goals. Let's stick our forks in it so it won't get away. Choose the steak, decide you will have it, and follow through to success.


  1. Choosing "steak" this morning!

  2. Rebecca - good for you. Are you drinking your water? :-)

  3. I love this. Just so plain outright simple and correct. I take follow through very seriously and yet, you are right. Really, the only person I ever would short change is myself. Such an important concept. Lately, I am struggling a bit with certain choices about people in my life. I have done a bit of putting off decisions and I owe myself some answers.

  4. Yellow Rose - We need to value those very important promises to ourselves and treat them with the same level of commitment as we do the promises we make to others. Make those decisions, whatever they are, and be done with it. Take care.