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Friday, January 20, 2012


I am going to butcher this but is this "responde sil vou plais"? I thought it meant "respond to sender very promptly". Maybe that's what it means in French? If Martha Stewart reads this blog, would you clear this up?

How much junk mail do you get? How much is in your email inbox that is spam, mass mailings, scams? We have to filter through all that don't we? Have you ever fallen for phishing? I did. It was pretty stupid of me. I got an email that was exactly like my bank's logo and everything. It said they needed some information which I gave them. You know the rest of the story. The bank corrected it and told me they never do business through email. Have you ever gotten that email where someone you know is overseas and has somehow gotten stranded and needs money? Have you ever gotten the email from someone who has money for you but needs some money in advance? At least I have not fallen for those two.

We really do have to filter through a lot of "crap" don't we? We are sent messages in our email that we never would respond to. We get junk mail we have to filter through because there might something important in there. I get credit card offers all the time. Our filter is our brains.

We go to a buffet and have to filter through everything and choose what's important, not just what's inviting. We go to the grocery and have to filter through the many choices and get what's important and not just what is inviting. At the back of my grocery store is a large rack of yesterday's baked goods marked down 40% so the more I buy, the more I save - right? I have also used this logic for buying fabric on sale, flowers on sale, clothes on sale, and other things as well.

We have to decide when to respond and how to respond. We can respond with our brains or with our emotions. That message from the baked goods with an RSVP can probably be trashed.

Just because you received the invitation doesn't mean you have to go.

Have you ever heard something described as "inviting"? Things can look pretty good. They can smell wonderful. Our senses can trick us into becoming a part of something that isn't in our best interests. I have seen some beautiful salads and fruits that look so luscious - especially peaches. Have you ever noticed how frying bacon fills the whole house with the aroma and that aroma lasts for quite some time after the bacon is gone - why is that? It's the fat. The smell of something baking is very aromatic. It's the sugar and the fat. And when those things are paired with Grandma or Mom it takes a will of iron to refuse the invitation.

And that's just one of the reasons we must be ready to refuse these things. Turning those things down is like turning down our Mom or Grandma. We have to let go of those associations but it's hard. Just keep the prize in mind.


  1. "Répondez, s'il vous plaît" is "Respond, please" in French. Now you know.

    I DID almost fall for one of those emails where someone I know said they had everything stolen in a mugging while in Europe and could we please send money to help them? Fortunately, before I Western Union'd her some money I came to my senses and checked it out. There is scam after scam out there!

  2. oh oh

    just because we receive the invite we DO NOT have to go.
    so simple.
    so crucial.


  3. Jenny - What was I thinking? I should have asked you. What does Martha Stewart know anyway? :-) Scams are everywhere everyday and we have to be proactive to figure out the truth. Take care.

  4. Carla - yes - we feel guilty if we think of ourselves first don't we? Invitations to do unhealthy things or just things we would rather not do can be turned down because we know what's best for what we are doing to reach our goals. Be well.

  5. This is such a fabulous post and a great way to look at things. I'm bookmarking it for sure. Thanks!!

  6. Just because you received the invitation doesn't mean you have to go. <- I practice this all the time. And I've stopped making excuses. For me, it's okay to say "I don't feel like it, but I'm up for it next time". People around me feel as if they have to provide a "valid" reason to say no!

  7. Julie - thank you for saying that. I am glad you got something from it.

  8. Julie - thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. I hope you are doing well and taking charge and saying "no" when it is in your best interests.

  9. Maren - I think we take a big leap forward when we stop being "people pleasers" and start being true to ourselves.