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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Powerful Video


This will cause you to think whether or not you consider yourself religious or not. We all worship something. It can be food, the earth, ourselves, money, etc. We were created with a "need" for worship.

I just finished "The Help" and watched the movie. I highly recommend it.

Also, I know some of you are reading "Made to Crave" - there is an online study of this book. Here is the link if you want to join in :


I am learning quite a bit from this. I think those of you who are interested in going a little deeper would benefit from it as well.


  1. 12 million plus hits with many replies and parodies on that "Spoken Word" poetry.

    When I think of religion, I think of Lilliputian eggs. And to me I find the ongoing debate over say 10 biblical words meanings for 1000 and plus years as small as that.
    "Hello Sister Christian, but what version of the Bible IS that? And do you eat crackers or pieces of the loaf? Is that Latin or Spanish and what is that weird wizard gown your Pastor is wearing?" LOL

    I am a primitive believer...simply feel and have faith.

    "And when the night is cloudy,
    There is still a light that shines on me.
    Shine until tomorrow, let it be". Via Angel Paul of the Beatles.

    And I try so hard not to be so assertive in stating my beliefs because I respect every which way a person might believe. I am truly thankful that GOOD words and people are many.

  2. Bluezy - discussing our beliefs is important. It is how we sift through information and accept truth.

    I do believe the Bible contains everything we need to understand God, love, salvation, and the boundaries for behavior to be found there. We cannot make it up for ourselves based on how we feel. It is difficult to understand the supernatural. Faith is a belief in something we cannot see. Prayer is important. If there is a Bible Study Fellowship meeting near you I would recommend you become a part of it so that you can study scripture. Google it and see if there is one near you. This says it better than I can-


    God bless you Bluezy.

  3. Been there and done that, Myra. I guess that my simplicity got in the way. And maybe I did not comment on it clearly. I have a great deal of respect for many who study the bible. I have read it-studied it. My main difficulty is truly the "religion" and separation involved. Not as harshly as the YouTube video said it. I would say it that "I like the red words the best".

    Lillipution to me was not a put down or I do not believe, but an analogy of the "which part of the egg you crack" differences that keep one Christian away from the other. It is all "Good News".

    And what is really wonderful about that with me is that I went to the link after I wrote "good news". You have shared that link before and I have gone there as well and felt good about it. Thanks again.

    The web link you posted is powerful, but then I look at the version of the bible they use and think of some of my family who would simply put it "oh they read the wrong version". I appreciated reading it no matter what version it was. And that is the big deal with me and what I meant.

    Thank you Myra for the blessing..I really kind of need it. :)

  4. Bluezy - we are both being sanctified. This our growth toward God - the gradual changing into what He wants us to be. Let's keep learning, searching. In Bible Study Fellowship we have ASK prayer requests - Ask, Seek, Knock. Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened unto you. From your blog I sense that you have lead a rather "colorful" life. The grace of God is more apparent when we can look back and see what we could have been without it.

    Blessings - Myra