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Monday, January 30, 2012

Our Shadow

Do we try to outrun our shadow? Do we whistle past the graveyard? What is our shadow? It can be behind us like it's following or it can be in front of us where we can see it. It can be underfoot as  well. At different times of the day our shadows have a different size and orientation to us. It's always there (somewhere).

Our shadow can be our past, how we were raised, experiences good and bad, accomplishments, failures, disappointments, regrets - all of that. We cannot outrun our shadow. Even if we rewind the video, the content does not change. Looking over our shoulders only confirms that it is there. The shadow in front of us that we can see because the sun is at our backs is the one we get to shape. Will that shadow be smaller each day? We get to choose.

I have been reading some pretty self-righteous blogs about Paula Deen and her diabetes. What is interesting is that these are people who used to be obese and now have lost a lot of weight. How quickly we forget. I know I have posted about this once but this last blog I read is a very popular one and kind of got under my skin so here I am on it again. It isn't that blog author's fault that she is not diabetic as well. As I said before, I should be dead from binge eating. I should be diabetic from eating 6 - 8 large donuts at once. I should have had a heart attack from carrying around so much extra weight.

She tried to be outraged about the fact that Paula Deen had a cooking show and therefore some influence. She also tried to be outraged that Paula Deen might make some money endorsing one medication or another.
I don't think that's the problem at all. She took the opportunity to toot her own horn I think. She has forgotten what her behaviors were that got her to morbid obesity and give Paula Deen a break. She should be thankful. She also has a shadow.

How we use our past, our shadow, will be different for all of us. We can learn from it. We can be it's slave or its master.

Paula Deen may have brought on her diabetes or she may have developed it anyway. We'll never know. I can't think of anyone blogging about weight loss who has any room to feel self-righteous. We have done our level best to develop diabetes ourselves. Being at goal weight does not erase the shadow of a past full of self-destructive behavior.


  1. Jenny - thanks Sis - we are pretty awesome! :-)

  2. Another great post from you Myra!

  3. Maren - thank you. I have been in a snit over this haven't I? Be well.