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Monday, January 2, 2012

Myth Busting About Eating Disorders


***People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas.  ~Author Unknown

I went out to eat with an old college roommate and we were talking about being obsessive-compulsive. I told her I did not give my idiosyncrasies a label because then I would have that as an excuse. I know I have eaten as a compulsive person would; I have spent money this way as well. I have always viewed it as a personal weakness that I needed to conquer rather that internalizing a "condition" that I could not be held accountable for. She has way too many cats in the house (20-some at my last visit) and has this thing about jewelry - two armoir chests of them (real diamonds). She really can't afford them. She does have some emotional challenges but I really think she could be in control a little better if there wasn't a label.

There are those who don't want a label and go to OA and overcome; they participate in the Weigh Down Workshop and come to grips with things; they just do it themselves.  A food addiction has to be addressed because a life is at stake just as the alcoholic's life is at stake. 

Each of us must think long and hard about labels we give ourselves because we live up to them.  We need to change the labels. It doesn't matter that our metabolism has been compromised. That doesn't mean we can't exercise; it doesn't mean we can't eat in a healthy manner. So what if many others in our families are overweight as well - that doesn't mean anything more in many cases than poor eating habits have been learned as well as a sedentary lifestyle. I know genetics are a factor as well as a family history of things such as diabetes. We don't inherit cancer; we inherit the susceptibility to it. Family history information is important. It tells us that we need to avoid the things that bring about the condition that runs in our families.

In America, we tend to wait until we have a heart attack and then we start exercising. We wait until we are diagnosed with diabetes and then we start watching our diets. At this point we are also on several prescription drugs as well.  I had an uncle with diabetes who would eat sweets and then give himself more insulin. My father did not watch his diet either with his diabetes; he depended on the insulin to allow him to eat gravy and desserts. Nearly every male in my family either has diabetes or is borderline diabetic. I told our sons to stay on top of that as they were candidates for that terrible disease.

Are you being careful with the labels you accept or apply to yourself? What kind of  labels do we want to live up to? Let's choose the ones we have denied ourselves in the past but are perfectly able to live up to now. Healthy, active, assertive, attractive, neat, organized all come to mind.

Take care.


  1. Choosing some of your suggested labels today, Myra. Once again, I appreciate your insight. My hop for all of us in 2012 is that it finds us engaged and successful in pursuit of health!

  2. Rebecca - I pray for you success this year. This is possible and you can do it. Tough choices must be made and hunger must be endured at times. Luckily the hunger it takes to lose weight is not fatal :-)

  3. I use a lot of labels on myself.. but they're not all positive - YET! :D

  4. Maren - you continue to improve yourself and it's paying off!

  5. My positive labels come and go as does my confidence. This is a good post. The words about prevention of serious health conditions like heart problems or diabetes are really something. It's unbelievable how many people wait until they're been knocking on death's door before they start to care about their life. Diabetes is rampant in my family, I will NOT fall in that category.

  6. Miss April - You have seen what diabetes can do first hand just like I have. We don't want anything to do with that awful disease. We need to get serious while there is still time and stop "whistling past the graveyard" as they say. Take care and thanks for the compliment.

  7. I like labels to some extent, because they are guides. Like besetting sings. If you know that, say, gluttony or lust are your besetting sins, then you know you need more strategies and effort to overcome them, more prayer and grace, more awareness of pitfalls. Labels end up being like guides to priorities.

    I know I have chronic medical conditions and issues that make it HARDER for me to be non-fat. But you're totally on target when you say, I can still exercise and choose foods more wisely. I can still measure and count calories or set aside portions or drink more water or sleep more. Whatever....healthy ACTIONS can be done by anyone. i can't run, but I can walk. I can't use an elliptical, but I can lift some weight. I can squat or lunge, but I can do other exercises. I can't eat seafood or other stuff I'm allergic to, but I can choose better food components DAILY.

    We choose or do't choose to make good choices and work around our limitations as best we can.

    God doesn't expect us to be lean as a Jennifer Anniston or other celebrity. He simply asks us to make mature, wise choices in life--in all areas. :D And if we're gonna be "over-" in something, it should be holiness, faith and love. Have lots of those!

  8. Princess Dieter - I admire your determination. You don't use your health conditions to be your excuse to do nothing. A healthy body can fight better and heal itself of many things. The food we put into it can be medicinal or toxic. Thoughts are powerful things and prayer causes God to move. Be well.

  9. I am working on my positive labels.

    Keep focused!

  10. Joy - We need to be our own best friends don't we?