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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Artist in You

I have two daily readings that I enjoy each morning. They are downloaded on my Kindle. One of them is "For Today" (OA) and the other is "Around the Year with Emmet Fox". I recommend them both. "For Today" was especially good today and I thought I would share it.

Competitions are for horses, not artists.  -Bela Bartok

The art of living is probably the highest form of personal expression:  one is not concerned with who is behind or ahead, but rather with the enjoyment of now. There is no waiting for a payoff, for that day when certain things are settled or when the ship comes in. The art of living requires that I like myself, accept what I am and stop wishing I were otherwise. There is no room for pretense. People who have developed the art of living are sweetly loving and deeply sensitive while maintaining their independence. They are as respectful of their own values and opinions as those of others.

I have read a few blogs lately where the author lamented how long it was going to take to get all the weight off. One even said it would be "forever". It does seem like that sometimes doesn't it? Things would be a lot easier if we just made today a success and stopped looking off into the future and doing all of our little calculations. Let's just resign ourselves to this and stop looking for reasons to give up which I really think is at the bottom of it. We wallow in self-pity and miss the beauty of today. We are losing today and sapping tomorrow of its strength.

You and I are artists. We are creating what we want to be a little at a time each day. It doesn't matter that your artwork is not done; it doesn't matter if someone else is ahead of you and another is behind you; it only matters that you are working on it and enjoying what you are creating. You aren't a horse anyway :-)


  1. And we are always a work in progress. Very uplifting post.

  2. Thank you. I needed to hear that! Blessings.

  3. Michele - so true. We don't ever reach the finish line, do we? Have a blessed Sunday.

  4. Sweetfreedom - Just remember the trite, overused expression "Rome wasn't built in a day". Your successful days will pile up and one day your artwork will have been created and just need a "touch-up" now and then. Blessings to you on this Lord's Day.