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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are We There Yet?

When we would take a trip to my Grandmother's house in southern Indiana my Dad would get really tired of hearing, "Are we there yet?" or "How much longer?" or "How many more towns do we have to go through?" When we got to "Grandma's little road" we called it we were so very excited because Grandma was the best. The goal was Grandma's house.

We didn't get part way there and decide we were tired of the trip and quit.

Our trip to goal weight and beyond never ends. There is no finish line. In fact, the closer we get to Grandma's house (our goal) the harder it seems. We were straining to see Grandma's house and the closer we got the more excited we became. We didn't get out and start walking. We wanted to go faster.

Those last few pounds are the hardest because they matter the least. We are wearing nice clothes, people are telling us it's time to quit or we will be too skinny or get sick or some other tragedy will befall us, and we are getting a little tired of it anyway.

When we got to Grandma's house we didn't turn around and go back home either. We had arrived and it was great. We didn't ever want to leave. We don't ever want to go back to weighing over 200 or 300 pounds either.

Let's treat our goal like Grandma's house. We loved being there and we didn't ever want to leave.


  1. Lovely, beautifully written, I couldn't add a thing.

  2. Karen - thank you for the compliment and for stopping by. I am always on the lookout for things to make analogies of. I have one brewing in my head now about bowling. Be well. :-)

  3. Sarah - you and Karen are going to give me a big head but that's better than a big butt isn't it? Thank you for the compliment. Take care. :-)

  4. Wow. This was .. beautifully written.
    Have you ever considered writing a book?

  5. Maren - You know, I have thought about compiling my posts into a book. I have secretly wished Sean Anderson would read my blog and suggest working together on a book but it would seem like I was being vain to ask him to do that. There are many good blogs out there. Mine is somewhat of a different format than most but we get to be ourselves don't we? I am more of a teacher, inspirer, encourager type rather than the daily diary type or recipes or many of the other formats I have seen. That is what makes blogging so great. We are all different. I do love writing and making analogies and trying to write what people need to read. I love when people tell me what I write helps them. I do it more for others than for me. Be well.

  6. Great post! We should also try to enjoy the journey to Grandmas house and enjoy the scenery along the way so we can learn new things. Staying at Grandmas house is always hard for me. I don't plan on leaving once I get there this time!

  7. Cee - We have all done it before. Get to our goal (Grandma's house) and then turn around and go back to where we were. What were we thinking? Welcome to my blog. Be well.