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Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Interrupt This Program---

Sean Anderson's book, Transformation Road, will be available soon.. He lost 267 lbs. WOW. I follow him on Facebook and he has a post a few days ago about interrupting his own funeral. What a thought provoking thing to say. When something is interrupted, the "flow" is stopped or detoured. We usually think of interrupting as something rude and impolite but let's look at it another way - from our perspective about our funerals. We usually avoid topics like this but really - everybody dies.

I heard it said once that we choose how we die. There are exceptions to this, of course, but we do contribute to how long we will live and how we will leave this world. How many of the common risk factors for health problems do we have?

1. smoking
2. overweight
3. diabetic
4. hypertension
5. overdrinking
6. poor diet
7. lack of exercise
8. negative attitude
9. high cholesterol
10. family history

I took my mother to the doctor for a kidney check. She has too much protein in her urine which is a sign of diabetes. As I sat with her in the urologist's office I read some literature there for kidney problems. Hypertension is a major contributing factor to kidney problems. Mom told me once the bottom BP number is the one that indicates whether a person is at risk for kidney problems. Diabetes is hard on all the organs because the blood is sticky with too much sugar making it more like sludge making it hard to move making for stress on all organs and blood flow.

I have three of the above risk factors - weigh too much, hypertension, and family history. I can affect the first two but not the last.

I have my bottom number back down in the 80's and the top number is down in the 160's from 180 so if I continue perhaps I can get it down to acceptable before too long. It can't be above 140 to pass the DOT physical.

It will be the first day of winter soon and then the days will start getting longer. It's usually the end of January before I notice it but it's creeping along day by day. So many things have to get to a certain point before we notice them. As I have lost some weight I will become more aware of being able to keep up better in step aerobics, of being able to lift heavier weights, my legs don't rub together - little things have built and built and then I noticed it. It's a good feeling. We don't ignore these things because they make us feel better about ourselves. We do ignore the things that we really would rather not deal with - blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. Why do we ignore things that could cause our funerals? Let's stop ignoring what we are doing that is not contributing to our health and interrupt our funerals. For me, it's blood pressure. I have completely given up caffeine. I cannot have a little bit and I might as well resign myself to that. It's not exactly like losing an arm or anything.

Not a real upbeat topic at Christmas but Sean's words got stuck in my brain.

Take care.


  1. I think it's important to do something about the factors we have control over.. the rest is up to fate I guess? I have a serious genetic disorder in my family that I might have, and if that is the case.. that is the case. I can still lose weight and do whatever I can on my end. :)

  2. Maren - I agree. It is so easy to make the things that our out of our control to some extent as an excuse to do nothing. Even if we can't control our genetics, we can do positive and healthy things that will lessen their impact. Your determination to exercise will keep the genetic things at bay I think. A healthy body can fight better. Take care.

  3. Watched ForksoverKnives a little while back which is a great film. Basically anyone can make changes to their life and reverse many health issues and also remove themselves from most drugs.

    I am lucky, I only am overweight. Don't have any of the other 9. My bp was 116/66 on tue :)

  4. Bzybee - I am so jealous of your blood pressure. Mine was 140/95 yesterday at the doctor's - still too high.

  5. I have been lucky. I have perfect blood despite being over weight most of my life.. but I was over weight through lack of portion control, not because I ate junk food. I have eaten healthy for many years.. just have a real problem stopping eating very tasty good food.

  6. Bzybee - My big problem with intuitive eating is stopping - recognizing when "enough" has happened and that should be way before "stuffed".