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Saturday, December 31, 2011

This Makes Me Sad

My sister had this on her blog:



It's a mystery to me why anyone would do this to themselves but I have been self-destructive at times and still am occasionally but--

We tend to look at these people and think, "Well, at least I am not that fat" and feel more OK about how big we are. Have you ever glanced around a room and thought, "that person is bigger than I am"? I have. Not proud of it. Now that I have been in this battle for so long, I am much more compassionate than I used to be. Blogging has helped. People are hurting and dying over this. Now I know how that person feels and am more aware of my own weaknesses. I could be that big too. I know it. That word "but" doesn't let me off the hook. That word doesn't mean it's OK to be obese because someone else is bigger than I am.

Let's weigh in the morning and make that our starting point. Regardless of what we have done or not done through the holidays - it is still our starting point.


  1. I have done that so many times. Looked around and spotted someone bigger than me, and thought that "well at least I'm not the worst...". I'm ashamed of that now, because we all have issues to struggle with. We share our inner feelings and thoughts on our blogs, but people in "the real world" don't do that.. so we don't know what they are struggling with.

    Thank you for sharing that story! Made me think.

  2. Maren - I catch myself being judgmental far too much. Who am I to judge another because of size or appearance? I do not like that in myself. I am being more aware of this tendency and immediately change my thought process when it happens. We are a work in progress I think.