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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Something to Think About

Maybe a balanced diet, moderation in all things, is the way to go? This was on my sister's blog (www.jensgyrations.blogspot.com) and I thought you might like to see it and form your own opinions. The skin tone is the most striking difference in these two women. The condition of their hair is another striking difference. The woman on the right has a healthy layer of fat underneath her skin which supports it and there are few, if any, wrinkles.

Did you know that a tan is the skin's way of trying to protect itself? Too much sun (real or fake) causes the skin to darken, get leathery and tough in an effort to protect itself - to keep the harmful rays out. It also causes damage to the lower layers of skin which support the top layer. I remember a woman at school who was tan year around through real and fake sun. She was very wrinkled because the top layer of skin had lost its support.

As women, most of us want to look our best. We are treated differently when we look good and take care of our appearance. I know most of us would probably say it is for ourselves but it is also to attract the opposite sex. Who doesn't like an appreciative once-over by the opposite sex or positive attention through a smile or a nod and some conversation? It's basically that sexual drive that perpetuates the species and all that. It's why women wear make-up, do their hair, and take care of their appearance especially before they settle down with one man. It's why men show off and strut around and be strong.

After marriage, the new often wears off and people don't take care of themselves like they once did. Women use having babies as the perfect excuse but do any of you know women who have had a few babies and still look really good? I do. Men don't suffer as many social consequences as women do for their out of shape bodies. It is what it is.

My husband and I went to a "His Needs, Her Needs" marriage seminar at our church. Guess what was No. 1 on the His Needs list? Yep, you guessed it - sex. It was No 3 on the Her Needs list. No. 1 for women was communication and I think No. 2 was security. There is a book by that name. It would be great for couples to study together. Men want their women to look good. Married or not, they notice other women who are sexy - it's just how it is. Don't we all notice the opposite sex? Men are not naturally monogamous however so women need to be aware of this need in their men. They also want their women to be a buddy. If he likes to fish, he wants her to go with him. If he likes Nascar, same.

Just some rambling thoughts when I saw that picture on my sister's blog today. What do you think about these two women?


  1. I love Nigellea Lawson. She is funny, has a wicked smile and love her figure. I totally agree that it is all about moderation and balance. I do not believe in low fat, low carb type diets. Meat (organic grass fed) is as important to our diet as veggies. It is a shame that many men list sex as their number 1 item. To me, it has always been communication. I need someone I can be totally open and honest with, and to whom I can talk about anything and everything.

  2. One (in this case two) pictures are worth 1,000 words. And your other words here pack a whollop, too!

  3. Bzybee - If we could just relax about food and eat in a balanced, moderate way emotions wouldn't take such a beating. I do best with low-carb but could not be too rigid and obey all the rules or I was tired and could not exercise. We all have to find our way. You would make the perfect husband!! Women like to talk (and talk, and talk) :-) Take care.

  4. Rebecca - pictures ARE worth a thousand words. I think the gal on the left has depleted her body of valuable micro-organisms and beneficial bacterias. Detoxing and colonic irrigation might have a place but it's obvious she has been extreme in her methods.

  5. Wow. But I am also wondering how much "help" Nigella gets in life, with trainers and stylists and airbrushing and the like.

  6. Karen - That thought does come to mind but she has the foundation in place for the beauty. Health is obviously present. She has good color and skin tone. I am sure she does get some help but it looks real to me.

  7. Nigella has had "work". I'm certain of it. However, at my recent high school reunion (aged about 44), I noticed that one women looked 10 years younger than the rest of us. It's probably genetics. Anyway, ageing can be measured by looking at the length of a persons telemeres (which are the equivalent of the ends of shoelaces that protect them from unraveling), which protect a persons genes. The telemeres shorten for things like ageing, obesity and smoking.

    "Men are not naturally monogamous...". Wow, Myra, I never thought I'd hear this from you. I agree with it, though.

    Speaking of looking good for a man, a lot of women don't realise that letting their hair grow long can make them more attractive to a man. It's a lot easier than trying to lose weight.

  8. Me - what makes you certain she has had "work"? That could very well be but do you know something I don't know? :-) You probably were surprised at the monogamous thing. It's an observation not an endorsement. Women step out on relationships as well. A person shouldn't get married and then still act single. Men do like long hair I agree. You have to agree the woman on the left does not look healthy.