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Monday, December 5, 2011

Sick People

Please go to Wikipedia and read up on Koobface - it's a nasty worm that infects computers through social sites. I just paid big bucks to get my computer healthy again. I put people who write viruses in the same class with people who put glass in Halloween candy. Anyway - be careful. Reformatting your computer and reinstalling your software will not rid your computer of this one. If you want to know the company I used to fix things let me know. I was getting the "blue screen of death" more and more often. The worm was doing its thing.


  1. Sorry to read about that your computer was infected. Don;t understand why some folks get their thrills that way. Hope your computer hardware is well now.

  2. Michele - thanks for the well wishes. It is hard to understand why people want to cause trouble for others - people they don't even know. Someone smart enough to write computer viruses could earn much money doing something ethical.