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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Paint Your Toes in the Winter?

Here is an interesting blog post I think we would all benefit from reading:


I also had a little epiphany the other morning as I looked at my toes and the mostly gone, very chipped nail polish on them. In the winter I usually just let the polish go and it gets cut off as I do my pathetic version of a pedicure. My attitude has always been - nobody will see pretty polish if I take the time to apply it; I am not going to being wearing sandals or flips anytime soon. Remember when flips first came out they were called "thongs"? I have a friend who is in her mid-sixties who told her daughters she needed a pair of thongs - what a hoot they had over that! But I digress -

Don't we have the wrong attitude about ourselves? Shouldn't we paint our toes in the winter because WE like the way our toes look that way? Wouldn't that be a little boost to our self-esteem if we felt like our toes were pretty? There are products for a really nice pedicure at home. If you have the means, why not get it professionally done?

How about some pretty lingerie? I imagine many of us wear the industrial strength stuff or our lingerie (we don't even call it that; we call it underwear) is in pretty bad shape. There are companies that specialize in plus sizes. I am sure a search on Amazon would turn up some very nice things.

Well, it's resolution time. The prefix "re" usually means to do something over. To resolve would be to solve something again. A resolution would be to find the solution again. Since we all know what the solution is, why not adopt the behaviors that will be the solution again? Rather than looking forward to 2012 let's look back at 2011 and take inventory of what we have done and not done. Let's also relax this time about it. No more panic or anxiety. We are in charge of this body not the food. Let's realize that it's about what we want the most and decide what that is.

Let's paint our toes and buy some sexy lingerie. Let's stop putting those things on hold until we feel like we deserve them. When we take off our shoes and are barefoot, we will like what we see. When we get ready for bed, the lacy, red (oh my!) underthings will be a little boost to our self-image. Who doesn't need that?

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