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Friday, December 30, 2011

Computer Problem Resolved

My computer is now better than ever. Have you ever used a remote technical support company? They are absolutely amazing. They take over your computer remotely (from India in my case) and clean up the entire system. I can now open up the casing for the CPU, remove the RAM cards, re-seat them. I could not believe the dirt and dust inside that thing. It's a wonder it worked at all. I kept getting the "blue screen of death" as it is called. They got my printer going, cleaned out a worm, did things to speed up my system - I am absolutely amazed at what they did. I can call once a month and they will remotely clean up my system again on a monthly basis.

I will be more consistent with my blogging now. With the New Year right around the corner there will be much to read and comment upon I am sure. I was hoping to be in onederland on January 1 but that may not happen. I went in to get my blood pressure checked and of course they weighed me which I wasn't expecting. I would have shaved my eyebrows, taken off my nail polish, and worn shoes that could be taken off easily - however, I was weighed with my tennis shoes and belt on and it was 203 in the early afternoon. Who knows - I could be in onederland on Sunday. If not, soon thereafter.

Don't party too hard on New Year's Eve - alcohol gives you the courage to do anything while simultaneously taking away the ability to do so. Many of us don't drink at all I am sure. I will have a glass of wine. If I do more than that, I want to eat - it always is something salty and greasy and then I want something sweet - not worth it.


  1. Glad you got your computer problems fixed! It is really annoying when they just crash on you all the time! :)

    Happy new year!!

  2. Maren - yes, computer problems are very frustrating. It also shows how much a part of our lives they have become when we can't use them. One reason I have not gotten one of those phones that do everything is that these electronic gadgets tend to take over our lives. People are rude because their face is in the email or on facebook in the presence of others. Happy New Year to you as well. We are going to OWN 2012!