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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Computer is being Hateful

I am having computer problems with my desktop at home so I am here at the library in town using my laptop. Blogging may be a bit sparse until I get that beast up and going again.

I am still going to weigh myself on January 1 but onederland may have to wait a bit. If I am in onederland that will be great but I am prepared to get the news of where I will be starting and will get to onederland with all dispatch, tally ho and all that rot. I have never had so many events, pitch ins, eating outs, and there are still more. There is a family dinner tonight and we are eating out with friends on Friday.

On New Year's Day there will be a meal including cabbage. Do any of you do that? My mother-in-law used to make a big pot of cabbage with smoked sausage and potatoes in it. She would put a dime in it and whoever got the dime in their serving was supposed to have an extra portion of good luck the next year. If
you do this, you may want to check the kids' servings - there is definitely a choking hazard here. I am planning on making vegetable beef soup and making it thick with cabbage.

I have been faithful to my exercising and am getting my 64 oz. of water in daily. I will be continuing that into 2012 and getting back to low-carb and waiting for true hunger. I have not been too indulgent on the sweets as I can leave them alone after getting it out of my system through low-carb. My step aerobics instructor has really been struggling with the workouts the last two times and she said it is because she has been eating way too much sugar. She makes candy, fudge, cookies - all that stuff and now she is paying for it. She said she was almost sick one evening from it. I guess that shows we aren't the only ones because she does spinning, teaches step aerobics, and lifts weights. She is very muscular. She will just get back to usual soon instead of doing what we do and go off the deep end, get depressed, and make it worse.

Well - I am going to read and comment on some of your blogs now. I haven't been on the internet for 3 days now so I am really behind. Here we come 2012!!!


  1. Thank you for your constructive comment on exercise. I am really giving it some serious thought!

  2. Sorry about your computer. I sure had may share of problems this year!!

    Never heard of the cabbage soup and dime tradition. That is awesome!

    Glad you are still exercising and keeping on your plan. 2012 is going to be our year!!

    Stay focused!

  3. Maren - I am sure you will be able to adjust if it becomes apparent that some rest is needed.

  4. Joy - Computer problems are so frustrating! Looking forward to continuing our mutual support in the new year!