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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Compliance to a set of rules eventually leads to rebellion against them. So if you begin to eat less through compliance, you end up eating more in rebellion.

I have lost my weight twice and gained it back. This time I am not following someone else's rules for losing weight.

I also think that going through those two losses and regains taught me a lot. I had more information about myself this time. Perhaps it was necessary to bring me to now with 2012 very near and I am losing weight, exercising, and drinking the water. I will not be starting 2012 with yet another vow that this was going to really be the year I lost all my weight. I will start 2012 continuing to run my race (I am losing weight my own way). I will stay in my lane (it doesn't matter what others are doing or what the latest diet or advice is - I read those things and use what suits me), and I will continue to throw off the hindrances that have prevented me from success in the past. Hindrances in the past have consisted of negative self-talk, all or nothing thinking, and using excuses/rationalizations to quit. Please read Slogans if you haven't already.

Someday may never come. So live each day better than the last. That way you'll wake up with so much excitement and anticipation you'll jump out of bed and shout . . . I can't wait!  -Bob Perks

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Enjoy a digital Christmas story.



  1. AMEN!!! You do whats right for you!!! I love reading your posts, always informative!!

  2. Debbie - thank you for the kind words. I hope that my posts help you reach success as YOU determine it. Merry Christmas.

  3. Excellent post. I love the line: stay in my lane. Me, too! Merry Christmas, Myra. To a new year firmly moving forward. Michele

  4. I think that's so true! We need to find our own paths and ways that we can live with them!

  5. Michelle - Let's stay in our lanes all the way to our goal weights! Merry Christmas to you as well.

  6. Maren - Yes! I truly believe that the only way for successful weight loss and maintenance is on our own paths. Yours will work for you and mine will work for me. Merry Christmas!