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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Does It Take?


This is a good post about rather than just doing something, we must do what it takes. A good lesson here - how many times have we pouted and chucked the whole weight loss thing because we felt like we had done something so therefore would have a large weight loss? We didn't do what it takes; we only danced around and played a little bit of the game. It could take a year or two for some of us and that is with consistent effort but if that is what it takes, then we have to accept that fact.

Am I willing to do what it takes? Are you?


  1. Myra, thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours. Just read the post about "how much exercise" and it's a topic I've struggled with, too. It seems as if when I push beyond walking and the occasional bike ride my appetite spikes. There's a lot of peer pressure to rack up huge mileage, but I'm comfortable with conventional exercise for now. Hence my "do what it takes" plan is for eating only, for now at least.