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Sunday, November 27, 2011


I've noticed something. When people start experiencing difficulty with their plans, they start tweaking things that don't have anything to do with successful weight loss. They weigh on Tuesday rather than Saturday for example. One person rationalized this change as allowing some time to atone for a weekend that wasn't on plan. Is that planning ahead to fail you think? They stop blogging or they start blogging again. They weigh every day or they decide to weigh once a month or weekly or something different. They start exercising or they change things up. They try eating clean; they try the paleo method; low carb might be fun; they eat while standing on their heads.

This seems to make people feel better about their lack of success. When I am not successful, I know why. How about you? Does it help to change the day of our weigh-in?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can start blogging about the Christmas events and challenges. It will be our New Year's Resolutions after that - the cycle will then begin again for many of us. At the beginning of this year what were you determined to do and this time it was for real? Many vow to be really hard on themselves. How many of us weigh less today than we did on January 1, 2011? I know many of you do weigh less and you will be the ones who comment (I hope). What made this the year of success? What advice do you have for those who are about to repeat a cycle that they don't want to repeat? What was different this year for you? I want to know.


This is good. Hope you watch it.


  1. Ouch! Myra! That stung a bit! But thanks for the kick in the butt - I know I needed it.

    I weigh 5 lb less than I did on Jan. 1, so this year has been learning maintenance for me. Would I like to lose more? Yes. Do I think I will lose more? Yes. Was this a year of success for me. Yes, 5 lbs of success, not a year wasted and ONLY 5 lbs lost.

    I am at a normal weight now. I am longer overweight. I want to weigh just a bit less. I want to be in better physical shape, as in firmer muscles. Will I get there? Of course.

    As for advice for those who do not want to repeat a cycle they don't want to repeat? Focus. Put yourself first. No excuses. Put the fork down, and don't pick up the spoon, stupid. Move your body. Drink your water. Find motivation, whether with a buddy, a weight loss book, a gym membership, Weight Watchers, just find something to motivate you and keep you accountable. It's not easy, but you can bet your fat butt that it can be done!

    Great post, by the way. ;-)

  2. Jo - I was not singling you out. I don't even remember who it was that did the things I described. I have read about that on more than one blog. You confessed and it wasn't necessary. LOL. Thanks for being a good sport. I will chuckle about this for a couple of days.

  3. I know exactly what you talk about in this post. Excuses. Manipulation. I think I have finally passed these by. I definitely weigh less now than I did on 1.1.11. I think one of the most transformative aspects is how I have adapted a life style that I believe will be with my for the rest of my life. I am a slow loser and okay with that most of the time. I believe your getting healthy journey most mirrors your maintenance and life plan. Otherwise, no progress, really.

  4. Michele - lifestyle changes are key I believe. Losing slowly allows you to adapt to a new body as you go. You are setting a good example for the rest of us. Changes must be permanent to keep the weight off once it is lost so we must get used to that fact or we are wasting our time and energy.

  5. "How many of us weigh less today than we did on January 1, 2011?"

    Based on my most recent post, about half of all WL bloggers will weigh less than they did at any other date. Half will weigh more, sadly. As for me, I weigh about 6kg less than at the start of the year.

  6. Me - I wonder how many are happy with how far they have come if they weight less? Put 6 kg into pounds for me - I'm no good with metrics. We can try to tell ourselves at least it is a loss or at least I didn't gain but putting a whole year into perspective will tell on us. I didn't start getting serious until I would say the last half of the year and I am down about 30 pounds. We all know in our hearts how much effort we put forth and truth be told we are probably where we deserve to be.