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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Standing Still?

Most people who are standing still in life
aren't going any place for a very simple reason.
They haven't selected a place to go.

Author Unknown

This sounds like getting to top of a career or achieving something really big in life.

I think it could be talking about the next 24 hours. It will be time for New Year's Resolutions before long. Mine is going to be about managing money and clutter. If you read an earlier post of mine, a therapist reported that people with eating/food/weight issues also have problems with money and clutter. I wonder why that is? Do you have any ideas about what the correlation would be? I have been thinking about it because I need to do a better job of managing money - I waste far too much money and am the queen of clutter. I am a terrible housekeeper. I can sit in the middle of the biggest mess you ever saw and read a book or quilt.

Do you have issues with money and/or clutter? Do you have any ideas why these two things correlate with weight/eating/food issues?


  1. I'm not convinced that there is a fixed correlation. Rather, I think that some people have a number of problems in their life. It might be messiness, or addictions, or obesity (I don't see being overweight now as a character deficit since such a high proportion of people have it). These people lack control in their life, and it spills onto a number of things.

    Then there are people who have a few issues. Probably 50% of people have two significant things about them that they want to change.

    Any woman who has dated me knows that I'm messy. I hate it! Yet, I try and try to be less messy, and it's a constant battle. For me, the simplest solution is to have visitors at least weekly. I may be messy but I'm also house proud.

  2. Me - thank you for the thought-provoking comment. I hadn't thought about people just having more than one issue in life but since these two issues often showed up in the same person with the weight/food/eating problems it is just curious to me - especially since I am an example of that very thing. Food for thought (yuk, yuk).

  3. I can identify with the first commenter. It's a good thing my husband likes a clean house and is willing to do what it takes to help out. We have company a lot, and he is downright anal about having the house clean when they come. That's really a good way to make sure your house is clean! Don't ever look in our bedroom at those times, though, that's where we throw the table clutter...

  4. One of my 2011 themes is downsizing. With that I meant: physically and stuff, too. While, our fire helped with a lot of stuff, we have slowly gone through alot of other stuff. I am really good now at getting rid of stuff. You can do it, too.

    Money: Yep, i have been easy with money. Now that I am closing in on planning for retirement, I am pulling the reigns in. I am slowing becoming frugal money wise for everything.

    Yes: I believe clutter, money and lack of caring for yourself go together. They did for me, until this past year.

  5. Jennifer - since you are my sister you already know of my housecleaning prowess :-)

  6. Michele - thanks for the comment. I agree as well that the three things go together for many of us.