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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ready, Set, Go

Your present circumstances don't determine
where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

Nido Qubein
American Businessman and Motivational Speaker

How many of us find ourselves in difficult circumstances right now? I think we must first consider how much of it is our own fault and how much of it is out of our control. Has the new worn off? This isn't fun anymore. I do know if the drive/motivation/whatever is lost, it sure is hard to regain traction. Our mindset has to change. We have to make our eating pattern the new normal.

I do think many things can become tiring. Apples and raw vegetables make us feel virtuous but they do get old. Why doesn't pizza get old? Have you ever had fat free cottage cheese (yuk!) I would rather have less of the real stuff than a whole container of that. Do we burn ourselves out on vegetables because we can pretty much have all we want? Should we learn to eat smaller amounts of the foods we really, really like? Is that possible? I have noticed that people will make their whole meal on pizza - that's all they have and they have lots of it. A pizza or two is ordered, perhaps bread sticks with the cheese sauce, and drinks. What's wrong with this picture? My husband and I back in the day would order a whole, large pizza - supreme, of course - and share it. It was hard to get my half down but I was a trooper. This scenario can be changed by making our own pizzas. I made a wonderful pizza that used spaghetti sauce on my home made crust, there was fresh spinach with olive oil drizzled over it, I decided to crumble up some bacon all over it (not heavily, just enough for that wonderful bacon flavor), and then there was feta cheese. At home, we can make a smaller pizza, have a salad, make some garlic bread - just enough for one piece each. I just learned that authentic Italian pizza is not loaded up like we do here in America.

Only making just enough so there won't be any leftovers is key. My cue to stop eating is "it's all gone". How about you?

What needs to change if you have lost your traction? I have had to just wait on it before. I didn't care for a time and I didn't care that I didn't care. There would be a gain. I would decide it was time to do something about it, get all excited about the new plans I had made, buy new workout clothes/shoes, start with guns blazing, only to repeat the cycle. How do we interrupt that cycle? We make a new normal. New habits are needed. We still take showers, do the laundry, get our hair cut because it is normal for us to do those things.  Behaviors like exercising, drinking 8 glasses of water, and waiting for true hunger can also be made a normal part of life.

I have been thinking about a challenge that would be behaviors only - no weigh-ins or food plans. This challenge would be a week at a time and build. Our first week would be drinking 8 glasses of water per day, then our second week would be drinking the water and exercising 3 - 5 times per week, then our third week would be the water, the exercising, and not eating after 6 p.m. for example. What do you think? After a while I would need suggestions or my fourth week would be to add waiting for the growl and then the challenge would be over. I am mulling this over. Would appreciate input and suggestions for behaviors we would be addressing. Please also suggest a name for the challenge. That one challenge had a way to post a link to our post where we reported on how we had done the previous week. She also had a list of the names of the people in the challenge and she had made their names a link to their blog. I think I could do that. I know you can insert a link and give it a name. Anyone want to join me in organizing and managing this challenge?


  1. The quote is "perfect" for me today. "Lost Traction" is most apt for my present condition.

  2. I love the idea of a water challenge! I have the hardest time getting it all in.

  3. Rebecca - It's hard to "care" sometimes, isn't it? Been there, done that. I wish I could make you care, but I can't. What if you were diagnosed with diabetes, would you watch your food intake then? Would a stroke from high blood pressure get your attention? Why do we wait for a tragedy before taking better care of ourselves? I guess it's the "it won't be today" mindset. I sure do hope you get the traction you need soon. Take care.

  4. Kim - I think the challenge should start on January 1 - the first week would be drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day and that's all that would be reported. Week 2 would be drinking the 8 glasses of water each day and exercising 3 - 5 times per week and that's all that would be reported. I was thinking of then "coasting" for a week and let those two things become the new normal and the report would be what has been happening upon reflection of the prior three weeks. Want to help get this going? You can reach me through my email on my profile.

  5. That challenge sounds really interesting, because those things really ARE the challenges, aren't they? If we get those habits down, the weight loss follows. And if we don't... the loss is only temporary.

    Your comments about our self-image really make me think. You're right; I don't see myself as someone who would steal and I don't. I'm not even tempted. How does that apply to weight? I'm trying to figure that out. :)

    I know that as long as I see food as comfort, it doesn't matter what the scale says. When we struggle with our weight for so long... our inner image gets distorted, too. It really is a transformation, I think, to get to a place where we lose the weight we need to AND keep it off, and it's mental and physical.

    As you say, "Our mindset has to change." We have to make a "new normal".

  6. KT - overeating will not fit your self-image one day and you won't do it. It will not fit your self-image to be sedentary so you will make exercise a new normal part of your life. You ARE going to be successful because you observe yourself. You are making yourself aware of what you are now and also of what you want normal to be for you. I want the Challenge to be one that lets people make peace with eating and food. The eating plan has to belong to us I think - not following someone else's rules. I can tell you one thing that makes it easier to wait for the growl - I get to eat what I want. I can go to the refrigerator and see what sounds good. Most people will probably be afraid that they will go crazy with freedom like that but you don't. We have eaten healthy enough that we know what makes us feel good and contributes to our well-being. Sometimes I have a salad but I eat the salad because I want it not because I have to. I use real salad dressing without going overboard. Start practicing waiting for the growl and then eating what you want in small amounts. The next growl will come around more quickly that way. That will probably be the fourth week - waiting for the growl with encouragement for people to start "practicing" - maybe waiting for a growl one whole day. No more diet rules.