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Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Own Challenge

I was disgusted with myself yesterday after getting home after going out to dinner at Olive Garden with a friend. I still eat too fast, take too big of a bite, and chew too fast. The maddening part is I even realize I am doing it at the time and continue.

The Challenge I was in fizzled and that's OK. I think a long Challenge is rather doomed. Two or three months is just too long for a Challenge in my opinion. I hope if you are in a Challenge you are doing well. What makes a good, successful Challenge? I think it's one we make ourselves.

Anyway - I decided on my own Challenge just for me. As I sat in bed last night thinking about what I had done it came to me - I will reward myself one week at a time. If I do the following four things within the week, I will go to this boutique that has the neatest clothes and buy myself one thing. I will also buy for myself some really good coffee. I have given up creamers because I was beginning not to like that filmy, blecky aftertaste that comes with creamers. If the coffee is black, the quality becomes more apparent. The store brand, cheap stuff isn't getting it. The water is also very important - none of the city water with chlorine. I personally like coffee best that has been perked on the stove in one of those old percolators. Grinding the beans also enhances the finished product. Good, filtered water is a must.

OK - feel free to comment or do your own list of things you must do to earn your reward. Here is my list:

64 oz. of water each day

exercise 3 - 5 times a week

devotions/prayer every day

wait for the growl before eating all week

No weight goals. The behaviors will get me there. They will also get me new stuff and good coffee.

Today is Day 1 and it is a success. I can think of all kinds of weekly rewards - new nail polish or lipstick. You could get a massage or some bubble bath, a candle, some neat socks - what's your pleasure? I think a weekly reward for achieving goals is a good idea. What do you think?


  1. Lately, it seems I like my reward it to take a week off...lol. Up and down on and off. LOL
    Seriously, I like the idea of a reward. I rewarded my mind today by figuring out how to make my blog roll scroll. I Googled it and found a place, but still it needed centering and I had to play around with values in the HTML to find out what made the widget move towards the center more. I got lucky. Now I don't have that mile long blog link. It is neatly in a box and can be scrolled. You had just updated, so I tested it out just now. Oh here I am!

    Yeah this challenge is really long. I kind of took on a challenge inspired by Mir (3m2t) at the time it was 3 months to transform, but now it is 41 days until 2012. I had hoped to have lost twice as much as I have by now. Yet I am happy that the values are going down. and that is it right there...a little here and a little there a bit now and a bit later. Just fine.

  2. I like your plan above. To me it is sensible and reasonable. So, go for it!

    Last year I was in another challenge through the holidays that I was not very successful at. I fizzled. Through the course of the past 18 months I have learned a lot about who I am and why I am finally caring for myself. For me it is not just the incentive of the challenge, it is that I have to be ready for a long haul. That is why the two I am in so far are working. I am super motivated, more than I have been in a long while. I am a slow loser, so the long haul is what I set my sights on. Besides, this is my life. My life after I get to target will not be that much different than it is right now: maybe a few more calories, but not much. So, I am learning to live the eat less and move more thing. Take care, Myra. Happy Thanksgiving! Michele

  3. Short segments within a longer challenge work for me - but yes, too long of a focus and I totally lose focus! I do the 100 days and divide it up into 30 day segments.
    Look for progess - I'm sure you'll see some good things coming out of your hard work?