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Friday, November 4, 2011

How Will My Story End?

I remember my Grandma telling me stories as I fell asleep when I stayed at her house. There was always a happy ending. My favorite was about an ugly little pony that nobody wanted. A little girl chose him for her own and through her love and care that pony became a beautiful horse.

That little girl saw the beauty in that little ugly pony.

If today is a typical day for the rest of our lives, how will our stories end? I like happy endings.


  1. Contented. At least for me and at least for today.

  2. I am dropping by all of the challengers blogs, to apologize for not keeping up with everyone for a couple of weeks, and to encourage everyone to stay in! Don't forget to post your challenge update today!

  3. Never heard that story. It sounds like one I would love to tell MY grand children.

    So if my story ended today, I would be loved by my family.

  4. Amen, I like happy ending as well!