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Saturday, November 12, 2011



This is a great source of information for all of us.

I know I haven't been around much lately. Just waiting on some inspiration. You can probably tell my blog is not the "daily diary" format. I have been reading, highlighting, and should have something to share soon.

Hope all of you are finding your way, resisting the idolatry of overeating/gluttony, and preparing yourselves for a greater service each day. We weren't put on this earth for ourselves. Science has yet to create a single human cell from scratch and will not by the way. Look around, the world is going crazy - families are in trouble, the economy could collapse at any moment, and people are using drugs, food, and alcohol to numb themselves. It isn't working.


  1. Actually, I thought that the global society is improving, slowly. Life expectancy is slowly improving, starvation and disease are reducing. People are getting more educated. Probably the only issue that's going wrong is global warming is causing an increase in severe weather events and a rise in sea levels.

  2. I don't agree. As I look around I do not see an improving society. I guess it's what you are using as your measuring stick. I look at crime, the divorce rate, drug and alcohol abuse, child/spouse abuse, dishonesty. I don't consider living longer an indicator of a better person. There are food/water shortages lots of places - where are you getting your information on that one? I don't even agree with the education thing - the dropout rate is alarming in many places and America has fallen way behind other nations from an educational standpoint. Maybe education is going better other places but I wouldn't know. The issue with global warming is whether or not it is man-caused. That issue has scientists on both sides of it. I have seen stats that show global warming is a hoax. Climate change maybe but warming? - I think the jury is still out on that one. Watch the news - people are not improving in my opinion. Thank you for your comment. I just don't agree.