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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Update Six


This is the method I am using to gain control of my food/eating. This is the first episode and there are links to other episodes there if you want to watch more.

I weighed 205 this morning which is a 1/2 lb. gain. I know what needs more attention. I have been eating when I felt like I was truly hungry but before the growl. When we have the freedom to eat what we want at the growl, that can be extended to our perception of when we are hungry and I have some work to do in that area. This week will be better. You know that "wave" of weakness/dizziness that will come over you when the blood sugar is low? - I had that a couple of times. A great thing happened at K-Mart while I was waiting on my blood pressure prescription to be refilled. I used the blood pressure cuff there and it was 118/79 and my pulse was 66 - I can't remember when all three of those numbers were in the normal range. Before I started this journey my blood pressure would be in the 180's over the 90's regularly. the weird thing was that my pulse would always be in the low 50's. Now that I am exercising and the weight is coming off wouldn't it be great if I could get off one or both of my blood pressure medications? I would be ecstatic if that would happen. I have to go to the doctor to get my prescriptions renewed in December so I am hoping to be in onederland by then.

Update on our puppies - Belle, the female, had been sick ever since we got her. We had her to the vet three times and then went to a different one and he diagnosed her with either an esophagus problem or a heart problem. The surgery to correct this would be $3,000 and then she would never be strong. We left her to be euthanized. Tough decision. It doesn't take long to get attached to a puppy. I was tearing up the rest of the evening and the next day thinking of that sweet little face and her loving ways. Sarge is a beautiful sable and is going to be a very big adult. He is so smart but then Shepherds are. I read a list of intelligence in dogs and border collies were #1, poodles were #2, and German shepherds were #3.

Duane is getting along much better. The back brace is helping. Hopefully in January when the 3 months of wearing it is up he will be stronger. He has stenosis (deterioration) in his back as well as arthritis so his working days are over and he can predict the weather now through his discomfort level.

Hope everyone is doing well. It's all up to us (that's what makes it so tough - we have to do it ourselves).


  1. Oh I am so very sorry about your puppy. That was a very tough decision to make I am sure.

  2. I have found great inspiration this past week from your posts. I know you know what to do and will report a loss very soon.

    Glad your hubs is doing better!

    I am so sorry about your puppy. We have an old and sweet boy (mixed breed) who has serious liver disease. It is hard not to tear up when it is their time.

    Have a great and strong week. michele

  3. Oh I am so sad about Belle. My heart goes to you. We recently put down our 14 yr old lab and had to give our other dog to a good family to make a move. I am so knowing the sadness of pet loss.

    Thank you for sharing your spiritual video. GOD is strong medicine.

  4. So sorry about your puppy. :( Glad to hear your husband is feeling better, and hoep the brace continues to help him.

    And that is wonderful news about the blood pressure numbers! The scale tells one part of the story, but not all of it. :)

  5. I'm sorry about the puppy. It hurts no matter how long you have them.
    Our puppy is a collie/lab mix and amazingly smart. She can count and keep track and follow and take orders and she's just 8 months old. Can't wait to see what she learns along the way.
    Keep up the great work, yep up a bit but next week down. I know you will be.
    Take care and God Bless!!