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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update Five

I weighed 204.5 this morning - another two pounds gone. Onederland is just over the hill. It's a hill, not a mountain. I will be there within the month. As you know I am not working on the weight as much as the behaviors. I am waiting on true hunger and then eating small amounts and then waiting for true hunger again. The growl is the signal I am after. Sometimes if I feel that weakness/dizziness wave over me I go ahead and eat without the growl. That hollow emptiness is usually reliable but I have used any twinge I could perceive as permission to eat in the past so I must be very careful. I am also eating what I want. I am not preparing a separate meal for myself however I find when I give myself the freedom to eat what sounds good I am choosing things that support being healthy. Yesterday I fixed soup beans, corn bread, and fried potatoes. I really preferred having a salad so that is what I did. Instead of my attitude being "I have to eat a salad" it was "I want a salad".

I get in the 8 glasses of water most days. I don't obsess about it though. I am exercising 3 - 5 times a week - it is 6 times a week if there are no conflicts I have to deal with but that doesn't happen too often. There is always an appointment, extra hours at work, or something so 3 times is the minimum.

Hope you had a successful week. If you did, great. If you did not, how are you changing things to make success possible? Read my slogan/solution post below and maybe you can turn things around - I sure hope so.


  1. Congrats. You have a very healthy attitude about your weight loss. I need to borrow it.... ;) Be well.

  2. I'm terribly sorry about your not having health insurance. We lost ALL of our savings, plus owed money, TWICE during our marriage so far. At least we didn't have to declare bankruptcy, but it was close. I hope you'll be able to get them to accept less. Very frequently, they'll do that. You have to negotiate and advocate for yourself. For instance, I asked them to accept the amount they'd actually be reimbursed from the company if I did have insurance. A $300 blood test turned out to be only $10!! I was appalled by the markup. Seems like robbery to me. Anyway, I'm on your side.

    As usual, your blog entries are beautiful and thought-provoking, but the Slogan one was best of all. You're not just a great thinker; you're an elegant, clear, writer who gets points across so that anyone can understand them. You are gifted that way, and educated, and have worked hard for it, I'm sure.

    Take care, Myra.

    Oh! Congratulations on your weight loss.

  3. FF - what touching words. My heart was warmed by your compliment. I know what you mean about the no insurance thing. We usually do get a discount as we are self-pay. Going to the hospital means that your bill reflects your treatment plus helping to pay for those who cannot or do not pay. The MRI at the hospital was $2,500; it was $1,400 at a clinic where he got the shots for pain. The clinic said bring $700 and they would write off the rest. I pray you are well. I think of you often and always look forward to words from you. They make my day.

  4. Congratulations on another two pound loss. Yes, onederland is in sight for you. Your method seems to be really working. Slow and steady wins the race. Have another great week, Myra. Michele