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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Put a Fat Person in Jail?


Should we judge a person by that person's weight? Does it suggest poor judgment? Maybe it's evidence of a lack of self-discipline? Could it be a medical problem (that one is our favorite, isn't it?) Is this person a poor health risk for a political office that could be left vacant due to that person's untimely death?

I know this is two political posts in a row so I will try to keep my own personal politics out of it. I imagine you have already picked up on the fact that I am conservative. We are all adults and hopefully can hold different viewpoints and still be friends. Just don't reduce the conversation to name-calling and insults. Stay with the issues and the facts and, who knows, we all may be able to make better decisions based on information that is  stated in a mature way. If we can't defend our positions rationally, perhaps we need to rethink things. We could do this through email as this blog really is a part of the weight loss blog community.

This does illustrate the discrimination against the obese and Chris Christie is obese.  Does it affect his ability to govern? Should we take his weight into consideration before nominating him? What results has he achieved as governor of New Jersey? Was his weight a factor?

I am obese and I look at Chris Christie and think, "Wow, he is pretty fat". What is your reaction to his  appearance? Does it matter to you? Would it affect your vote if he was running against George Clooney or Mathew McCoughnahey (sp? I think I really butchered the spelling but you know, the guy with the 6 pack abs)? What do you think about voters in general regarding this? Would a significant number of voters use appearance in their decision or would they take the time to find out about this person's record, this person's stance on issues that are important to them, qualifications, etc.?

I am interested in your thoughts.


  1. Unfortunately, the world in which we live is such where appearance is often as important if not more important than ability. Certainly this would be denied, but I think this is often seen in the hiring practices of many companies. I am new to the weigh loss community. I started 2 weeks ago when I filmed myself for my Youtube channel. I couldn't believe the fat guy was me!! Anyways, I just found your blog and am enjoying it. I'm new and just started blogging my weight loss journey also. Stop by if you get a chance.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to leave the link. I'm just learning this LOL!

  3. All politics aside, this is really sad I think. It's human nature to judge a book by it's cover a bit, but then we have the ability to look deeper too. Yes, he's overweight but everyone has something they struggle with- drugs, alcohol, sex, food, etc. Seems silly to me to equate it with his ability to do his job, just like "halo effect"-ing that a George Clooney-lookalike would be problem-free somehow.

  4. I guess I lost my first post...Anyways, I will retype it.... Unfortunately the world in which we live in is such that appearance is often more important than ability. Certainly, this would be denied, but I think this can be clearly seen in the hiring practices of many companies. I am new to the weight loss community. I started because I filmed myself for Youtube and couldn't believe the fat guy there was me. Anyways, I just found your blog and am enjoying it. Sorry about the backward posts, I'm just learning this!!!

  5. People with surnames beginning with the letter "A" get more votes than people with the letter "Z". Some voters are intelligent, some are stupid. That's the way things are, nothing will change about it. The issue isn't about the politicians, it's about the voters.