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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm OK With That

A few people have asked why I don't do Weight Watchers again because it worked for me in the past. It didn't work; I regained the weight. If we stick to any sensible weight plan the weight will come off. Why then, don't we keep it off? It is super puzzling to me why anyone would pay all that money, attend classes, weigh/measure, follow the rules, and work that hard to get the weight off and then gain it back. It is beyond me. We didn't change the reasons we got fat in the first place obviously but we were slim, could wear nice clothes without looking sloppy, received compliments - why isn't that enough? What purpose was the fat serving that we would want it back? We obviously wanted to reach our goal weights or we wouldn't have gone through all that. How can eating trump health? Weight Watchers probably has the highest success rate of any of the plans out there but I think the long term success rate is pretty dismal.

I read an article once about people who had lost their weight and kept it off for 5 years or more I think it was. The thing they had in common was they did it their own way, for their own reasons, at their own pace. Following someone else's plan means we don't own it. Who among us doesn't know what to do to lose weight? Why then do we order Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, join TOPS, sign up for Weight Watchers, buy books, pay big bucks for all kinds of things? I have done most of these things myself. I think at the time it seemed like the only hope there was. Hope is so important don't you think? The possibility that there is an answer out there for us. Hope is a good thing. Finding our way will be different for each one of us. We need to look at the ones who have been truly successful at keeping the weight off, not just losing it, and study what they do and how they do it.

I am still working on my way which may or may not line up with your way. Waiting for the growl has become a little more general - like it can be a growl or feeling dizzy and weak. Thrice Blessed pointed that out to me and thanks to her for that because I have been waiting for the growl and gone ahead and eaten because I was feeling weak and somewhat dizzy. Determining hunger can be so subjective without waiting for the growl because when I get to decide on true hunger things can go awry.

Many people follow Weight Watchers and I think that is great. Provisions are made for what to do after reaching goal weight. I am just over weighing/measuring, following the rules, writing, planning, on and on. I would rather lose slowly or not at all for a time than doing that again. I am careful to get the water in. I do step aerobics on M-W-Fr and Jazzercise on T, Th, Sat so exercise is good. I do admit to struggling at times with the growl, portion sizes, stopping thing but I am going to continue. I am determined. Hope you are too.


  1. I've never tried a program that costs money or provides meals, etc. When I lost my 83 pounds all I did was change to a healthy diet and exercise. All I did to gain it back was chuck the healthy diet and stop exercising. LOL Now, I'm doing the same thing and the weight is coming off. But, this time my mindset is different. Once we get our mindset, whichever program or self induced idea we get, in my opinion, will work. But that's just what it is- another opinion. :)

  2. The National Weight Loss Registry has some answers. It keeps a record of people who have lost weight and kept it off. Their address is http://www.nwcr.ws/

    I've only come across one blogger who is a member of the registry, she's just recently stopped posting but you can read about her opinions on it at http://justmaintaining.com/

  3. I agree - you can follow any plan but it will not guarantee that you will keep the weight off, in fact, the stats are way against us, however, it CAN be done sucessfully - longterm, lifelong. I joined TOPS for accountability. I know myself - and I know the way that I can convince myself that I'd never re-gain the weight. TOPS has provided a lot of support for me (way more than I rec'd from a commercial weight loss program) and it's affordable long-term. Plus TOPS emphasises staying at goal weight - which is something that I really like. We have some wonderful "KOPS" (those who have made their goals and stay there) who are an encouragement and inspiration!

  4. It is good to know your own limitations and go by them. It is what works for you that really counts.

  5. Great post and I'm confident you will do fine!! I personally didn't go with Weight Watchers because I am too cheap and rebellious. I figure if I can do it myself, why pay money. I would also rather make my own rules. But if Weight Watches is what works for you, DO IT. It's funny, I wrote a post along this line yesterday after a friend was pushing me to buy some diet supplements she was selling. Check it out if you get a chance.