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Saturday, October 29, 2011

History Lesson

"Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it". -George Santayana

Halloween is here and there are many blogs commenting on the tricks and treats. This begins the eating season. Are we going to repeat our histories? We start out eating the halloween candy. Before we know it, Thanksgiving is here which is a bigger eat fest than halloween. There is not only the day on the fourth Thursday but some families have two different Thanksgivings so as not to make people choose which family's event to attend. I know one side of our family usually gets together on Thanksgiving day and then the other side will have theirs on the Sunday after so there are two to attend and cook for. After that, there are leftovers which always includes the desserts. From Thanksgiving to Christmas is a blur of parties, family events, community events, Church events, friend events, etc. The break room at work has enough junk food to cause a diabetic coma. Let's not forget the New Year's celebrations as well.

How long are we into this before we have said, "I will start my diet on January 1". Another New Year's Resolution we probably won't keep. My son works out faithfully and dreads this time of the year because the gym is full to the roof with people starting their New Year's Resolutions. It lasts through about February or so and then things clear out again and he doesn't have to wait to use equipment anymore. I have said this before - when we set a date in the future to get serious (aka January 1) we are just giving ourselves permission to eat like we WANT obesity until then. It's another game we play and don't even realize it sometimes. It's another slogan, not a solution - starting over, New Year's Resolution - sounds virtuous doesn't it?

Here's a thought - what if we started a New Year's Resolution today? This time next year exactly one year will have passed. There is nothing magic about January 1. The gym is open today. There are plenty of healthy choices for food today. What New Year's Resolution will you and I make today?

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  1. Good idea! Start your new year's resolution now. I've traditionally started my weight loss plans in non-January months.

    It's nice because the lines are less long and you can find your groove in your plan.

    I'm approaching maintenance in Take Shape for Life and adding a small non-scale goal a month.

    My Nov 2011 resolution is to do 15 mins strength training 2 times a week, minimum. I will track my goal on my paper calendar at home.

    This will be in addition to my Oct 2011 resolution to track all my food and work outs on myfitness pal. com

    Thanks for your post. Great idea. We'll all be in a better place by New Year's Eve if we start today.