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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I've been thinking about this topic for a few days - Environmental Protection Agency. That's you and me. We have to protect our environments from harmful, potentially dangerous things. We have to know our limits (thanks again Bluezy - I'm getting some mileage out of your comment don't you think?) and keep out of the environment those things that push us past our limits. If you live alone you are in total control of what makes it into your environment. Those who have others in the house have to strike a balance between what is best for us and keeping the peace with everyone else. If you just live with a spouse, you can ask that person to get his/her own foods/snacks and keep them somewhere where you won't face it (locked in the trunk with a log chain around it maybe?) Seriously, they could keep their stash in their vehicles perhaps. I don't know about chocolate in a hot car however. If you live with a helpful bunch they would probably be OK with that. Some people have their own cabinet with their stuff in it that is off limits to everyone else. You could have your cabinet and they could have theirs.

Have you ever kid-proofed a house?  You make it safe for the child. Let's do that for us. I even think a neat and clean house helps us feel better in general (I wouldn't know for sure as I am a terrible housekeeper). I do know I feel better if I take the time to put on some makeup and do something with the hair.

Today I have Bible Study Fellowship first thing. I then ran my ATM route and got home about 1:30 p.m. I growled during BSF so I ate one of my Quest bars on the route. I have had four of my waters so far. I will get the other four down during and after Jazzercise tonight. At my next growl I am going to finish off a small amount of macaroni/cheese and have a Fiber 1 yogurt. I will probably growl again after I am home from Jazzercise.

Without a definite diet plan it is easy to "drift" as I have mentioned before. It also requires vigilance. No matter what we do to get the weight off vigilance is the key. Self-examination and being aware of our motives and our tendency to rationalize poor choices will bring us back to our senses. We want to lose weight without enduring hunger but it just isn't possible I think. Drinking the water helps a little; eating a diet with some "bulk" helps; getting protein in helps but we endured being stuffed to the point of sickness didn't we? Why didn't that bother us? When it did bother us look at the mess we were. Now we have to endure being hungry. That's just how it is.


  1. The freezer works best for me. If my hubby puts his treats there, I totally forget about them. I will even search the house for treats and not think to look there. It's a great place!!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!

  2. Yes, we should keep our homes food proof. Just like we did for our kids when they were little.