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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eating Plan My But

I was going to have a salad for lunch BUT a friend called and we went out so I had a burger, fries, and shake.

I want to start exercising BUT I can't seem to get there.

There were vegetables and fruits on the buffet BUT there were yeast rolls, gravy, and cinnamon rolls.

I was going to stick to my list at the grocery store BUT these cookies were on sale.

I was going to drink water at the office birthday party BUT they kept pressuring me to have some cake so I did.

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you have any to add to the list? It is so easy to but our way right on up the numbers on the scale isn't it? No wonder we have big buts. Our buts have deceived us into thinking that we really can't be blamed for our poor choices. It's the circumstances. It's the people who pressure us into eating things that we shouldn't eat if we want to lose weight. It's TOM (that one's a regular - it passes). Fat can still be lost at this time of the month; the water weight is just covering it up - another reason to keep our buts off the scale more than once a week. Sometimes I think it is convenient to use that as the excuse if we just happen to have overeaten at around the same time as TOM is expected. I know some of it is real but I wonder sometimes. Some women just feel squirrelly then too and can use food as comfort.

No if's, and's, or but's about it - let's stop with using our but's for the wrong reasons. :-)  I crack myself up sometimes.

I could have had burger, fries, and a shake BUT I chose the salad.

There were things on sale that tempted me, BUT I stuck to my list.

The birthday party was tempting, BUT I just had the water as I had planned.

There were yeast rolls, gravy, and cinnamon rolls on the buffet, BUT I stuck with fruits and vegetables.

It has been a busy week, BUT I got three workouts in anyway.

Have a great week.


  1. I know allll about the buts. They come out of nowhere and seem to take control!

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the butts, err, buts.
    they're a struggle around here too.

  3. People may think I'm "extreme" cause I totally wn't have some foods and carry my own snacks/beverages when I go into a tempting situation--but that's my warrior's gear. I don't go into enemy territory unarmed, and anywhere that they serve food/have party food, that's enemy territory. That cake, those fried finger foods, that's a minefield, and I gotta be ready. :)

    BTW, your comment on A's blog was dead on. One of my reasons for wanting to lose ewight for years and years, even when I was failing/yo-yoing was to improve my witness. How can we talk about the Power of the Spirit of God in one's life, and then be obese? That's total NON-power in that area, and people can SEE that , unlike the sins we can hide---like alcoholism can be, porn, adultery, thefts... We can't hide gluttony or body-sloth. It shows....well, except for those who purge or have the reverse of gluttony. I think of anorexia as a type of gluttony (obessive desires or focus on food). The psychological and environmental and medical components are in play a lot, yes...but there is still choice. And where we have choice, we have the choice to choose sin or virtue, good or bad, strength or weakness, indulgence or temperance.