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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Challenged Again

I began at 207.5 and this morning was 208.5 - I am not going to blame the scales - that would be too easy. I am still perfecting this way I want to live and be. It is not easy because it truly is hard to wait for the growl. We always use the word "just" - just wait for the growl. I have been waiting for true hunger but then there is the freedom to eat what I want and as I have said before, stopping is the hard part.

If dieting was the way to go for me, I would be slim right now. I have had my weight off twice with Weight Watchers so why beat my head against a wall? I don't know anyone elderly who is still following a diet plan that got them slim. The elderly people I know who are slim (the fat ones aren't here anymore) just eat and be well. My mom always has toast or something very light when she gets up so she can have something in her stomach with the pills she takes. This would probably be around 7 or 8 a.m. Late morning she might have something like cream of wheat or oats. She will eat one more time in the middle of the afternoon and it will be a light meal. I've told you before she doesn't eat after 6 p.m. She's 85, still delivers meals on wheels, drives all over the place, loves to shop at Elder Beerman, loves to go to garage sales - going strong.

My future sister-in-law drinks beer like a sailor, smokes, and is slim and to be around her you would say she is in good health. She is active. She has more energy than I do. Zooms around and gets things done. What's up with that? She's supposed to be half-dead on the couch making excuses for not quitting smoking and drinking.

Update on the husband - I told you about his compression fracture in his back. We went for the kyphoplasty injection (we thought) and the spinal surgeon told him the injection was $20,000. We do not have medical coverage so we went to Plan B - a $450 brace for 3 months to be worn at all times when he is not in bed. We have two wonderful sons who are a great help and many friends and family members - thank God for them all. The fracture will heal on its own in that amount of time is the plan. I have not been getting to my exercise classes because I didn't want to leave him alone but that's not a good excuse either because I could have exercised here at the house - just didn't - maybe I should start smoking and drinking beer? :-)

As we all work on what we have chosen as our "way" let's go for it. It can be done and we know that. I know people can wait for the growl, eat what they want in reasonable amounts, then wait for the next growl. I know this because I've seen the walking, talking proof of it. That's me one of these days not too far off.


  1. I've discovered that the first thing I was missing from my success/fail/success/fail weight loss journey was the right mindset. Now that it's set right, I don't worry about it anymore. I just eat healthy and it's working. Getting the right mindset and finding our own individual plan is the key---too bad the darn key is so well hidden! LOL

  2. Have you thought of going back to Weight Watchers, Myra? That has worked for you in the past, maybe it would be a little easier for you than waiting for the growl. In my pre-Roux-en-Y days, I don't think that would have worked for me because, like you, I wouldn't have stopped when I needed to. I went on one diet, Protein Power, that let you eat whatever you wanted, ANYTHING, as long as you did it within a one hour time frame. The rest of the day you could eat, but could have absolutely zero carbohydrates. Then, during your hour, you could just go nuts. Believe it or not, I was on that for about 3 weeks and lost about 10 lbs. Again, though, I started fudging around with the "no carbohydrates" outside of that hour, etc., and eventually failed, as usual. I had surgery because I just couldn't seem to stick with anything for a long enough time to lose what I needed to lose.

    Just my 2 cents. :-)

  3. Myra, I've been absent for awhile. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's back problem and your challenge to get your groove back.

    Whatever happens don't give up! You aren't alone in the struggle, but you alone can make it happen for YOU!

  4. Shit happens. One day at a time. Better luck tomorrow...I am a frigging cliche machine.

    Seriously, I know I am a food addict and it is worse than heroin and nicotine. I will always be an addict. I just want to learn to live with it and hope my relapses are few and far between enough to shed some pounds!

  5. Myra, sorry about your husband's back, perhaps you could get an indoor walking workout to get in some light to moderate exercise without leaving him alone?

    I've said before that waiting for the growl never worked for me, my stomach just doesn't growl much, even when its empty. I'd get light headed and dizzy from low blood sugar, but still not get a growl. However, if it is working for you than you should keep at it. No matter what plan you try to follow though, it can be really tough when you have things like an injured husband to deal with. You're in my prayers!

  6. I hope that new brace gives your hubby some relief. Yes, kind sons are fantastic. You are lucky.

    I do not do WW, but it seems like it worked for you in the past. Maybe try that again?? I am such a slow loser and resolved to that now. Don't be discouraged, Myra. There is hope!

  7. I've done the "Wait for the growl" thing before and it did work but it was HARD at times to do it. I understand! Praying that your hubby's back heals quickly and easily with just the brace.