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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Both yesterday and today I had a Quest food bar at about 9 a.m. when my stomach groweled. Yesterday my stomach groweled about 2 p.m. I had a Subway salad. Hint for these salads - don't you hate how when you take off the lid there is cheese and dressing stuck to it? Well - here's what I do. I have them put the lettuce/spinach on the bottom, salt/pepper that, then put the dressing on and the cheese. Everything else goes on top of that. I always have chicken and bacon on it and I also have them cut the bacon up into smaller pieces. They will do that with the tomatoes and cucumbers as well if you ask. I do not get the croutons and crackers. I then went through the Burger King drive through and got a vanilla soft serve cone. My mouth is usually on fire after the jalapeno peppers in the salad and that cools and is a nice, sweet, little dessert. That was all I had for the day. I got in the water during the drive on the route.

My thighs are so sore today that I didn't go to Jazzercise. I had to requalify with my revolver last night. You have to keep doing each test until you pass it. I had to do one of them four times I think. I had to walk up to a barricade, pull my weapon, fire at a torso target twice, drop to my knee and shoot another torso target twice. While on my knee I had to empty my weapon and reload. I had to stand up, change my revolver to my left hand and shoot a torso target twice to the left of the barricade, drop to my knee and shoot another target twice. I had trouble with that and after doing that a few times my thighs were screaming and they are so sore. Wouldn't you think with doing Jazzercise and Step Aerobics that I wouldn't get so sore? I can see why one of the 5 best exercises suggested by a person (forget who) that says we do not need equipment and weights - just our own body weight for the best results - is lunges. The others were sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, and planks.

Anyway, I was groweling on the way home from my last ATM. My husband called and suggested going out for Chinese and then going and getting ANOTHER German Shepherd puppy. We have been wanting our own pair and this one is a sable and his name is Sarge.

Here is Belle:

One of these days I will learn to keep my opinions to myself regarding politics. I didn't make a very good impression over at Losing Weight After 45 I guess. When a person blogs and then doesn't like the comments the usual reply is that it is their blog which is true and he/she will determine the content - that's what I do with my comments  ;-) Religion and Politics will always get people going.


  1. Yes, religion and politics do get people going, that is for sure.

    Keep making good food decisions. You are doing great!

  2. Cute dogs - did you get the second dog?
    Glad the intuitive eating is working for you!
    Do you feel good?

  3. "Growel?"

    You can shoot like that? Remind me not to tick you off at our next reunion...

  4. Hi Myra, TY for your comment on my blog - I usually answer questions on my own blog if others might wonder the same thing & ask the same question, otherwise I visit the other person's blog (or both). I'm not sure if there's specific "blog etiquette" but that's what I do. Sometimes for one reason or another I can't comment on some blogs, so I try to email the blogger instead.
    I think ideally it would be great if everyone could eat intuitively - and I do feel myself that I do that more than before, and am able to do it more than before, but I also know that food is my addiction and I know all the tricks to tell myself in order to eat more than I need to/should...soooo...
    Good job! Looking forward to hearing about your Sunday WI. Are you noticing a difference in your clothing? (how it feels)?

  5. When I took my gun safety test (carry permit) my instructor made us do the same thing, he's a retired cop and figures if we're going to carry we're going to know how to take care of ourselves. I've been shooting since I was a little girl and my daddy was an instructor but the ups and downs and belly shooting is what is hardest for me. Keep up the great work.
    Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  6. In certain sects of China...going out for Chinese would mean also picking up the dog.

    When I started gaining more weight past the 210, I had started driving and I worked at a Truck Stop. I would be lazy and buy Subway which was just next door...I am the anti-jared. Those double meat and extra mayo foot longs( and I could eat two of them) and the neighboring Dairy Queen Classic Mushroom Burger x 2 (oh the gravy...)with a Heath Bar Blizzard...and free soda at the Truck Stop...I gained 90 lbs quickly! Now the whole concept of anything Subway is not appealing to me.