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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Success Story times 2

I love to read success stories. This one is a married couple who lost an amazing amount of weight through the principles of  The Weigh Down Workshop. It is faith based. Their stories have been on CNN.


The new German Shepherd puppy is doing well. Her name is Belle. Puppies are so much fun. They can be messy at times though. Looking forward to the chewing on everything (NOT).

We had a family reunion here today. The weather was great. I have family that live within 25 miles of me that I see once a year at the reunion. Isn't that sad? Reunions seem to be poorly attended in my case. It is usually the older ones and as they die, there are fewer and fewer who show up. Our younger people don't seem interested. Is this the result of electronically communicating so much? While the younger ones are so used to texting, emailing, facebooking, blogging, etc., the personal touch seems lost. We would never say the things to each other in person that I have read on facebook and in blog comments. Just bring up the topic of religion or politics on facebook and see what I mean. Criticizing another person is another sure bet for flame thrower comments. There is usually someone who reduces the topic to name calling and profanity. Just some observations and musings. What's your take on our ability to communicate well? How about your family reunions if you have any?

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  1. When I was younger, I remember having family reunions... now, they're maybe once every 5 years if that. It's sad because we have a HUGE family. There are probably 300 of us and we have such a great history. I lived in Kansas for five years and would go with friends to their houses for holidays, there would be about 30-50 people there... with my family, it is my immediate family and that's it. No extended family, we don't 'drop by' so and so's house for dessert or to take them a snack or small gift. It's very strange to me the disconnect. Sad, really. :(